Donki’s Fast Fashion….

Donki’s Fast Fashion

I am sure that most of my readers have heard or even been to Don Quijote (Donki for short) in Japan. For those that haven’t, Donki is a discount chain store selling everything from groceries, to electronics and cosmetics.
A lot of Gals shop at Donki because it offers discounted cosmetics and clothing etc. from well known brands – You can find lines by Momoeri and Sakurina in-store, as well as Candydoll by Tsubasa. Not only do they sell known brands they also sell their own versions of 3d nails and lashes, namely the famous MAC-7 impersonation lashes – which are incredibly cheap, check them out @ Mitsu’s post.
However this post will be focusing on Donki’s fast fashion range of clothing. If you remember I mentioned in an earlier post when I bought a set at Christmas;
Based on a onepiece by GLAD NEWS
Donki’s fast fashion is better known as the ‘Tokyo Cover Girl’ brand – it is actually made in China based on popular Japanese coordinates. All of the sets come with 3 items (on average), which range between tops, bottoms, onepieces and accessories. Each set is 3,890円 (£29/$42) which really is a bargain as it can sometimes be hard to find one item in 109 for this price.
And don’t worry about going out of fashion or not having enough choice – they release 15 new sets every month all of which are free size. I should just mention at this point that I am 5’2 and the above onepiece is far to short on me to be worn without leggings etc. so it isn’t made for ‘tall’ foreigners ;D
Some of my favourites from the current sets available are:
This coordinate is extremely cute, and features two current trends:
floral and boater hat.
There’s a slight Delyle vibe to this one.
MeJane style this time featuring two big Summer trends:
Denim and Maxi dress
As you can probably see from these photos, Donki likes to follow the current Gal trends which is important as these are their main clientele. However you probably also noticed the quality of the sets. I was cheeky and I found an open set so I could check mine out beforehand. They do usually have a few sets on show, but this means that if you pick one that isn’t then you have to go by the picture on the front – meaning you can’t feel the quality or texture. Whereas fast fashion may be cheap and cute, you have to remember that you are paying for what you get, so don’t expect anything of great quality. They will use the cheapest fabrics and cut corners, which is true in any market where they try to mass produce cheaper items – for example, the denim shirt above may look denim but it actually isn’t. It’s look-a-like denim, which for someone picky like me just doesn’t cut it. I also don’t like how the skirt is attached to the ‘Delyle’-esque onepiece, it just looks cheap.
BUT if you understand that this is what you are paying for and don’t expect to receive the same quality as you would in 109 then these sets really are a great investment. You also need to remember that most Gals can tell when you’ve just bought the cheap Donki version, and you may not look as good as those with all the brand names. Don’t get me wrong, tons of Gals work offbrand items into their coordinates everyday, and fast fashion has become a big hit in Japan. So for those visiting Japan, or the students/フリーター this is a good, cheap alternative.
What do you guys think of Donki’s fast fashion?
I personally want to get my hands on the floral onepiece set, which looks so~ cute 😀
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