Nail woes and site update…

First off I would just like to mention that I have made a small change to comments.
From now on whenever I make a new post you will be able to sign in with you name, website or using an openID or wordpress account etc. You will also be able to subscribe through email to replies to your comment, or the post. EVEN BETTER you will now be able to reply to peoples comments – so keep them coming 😀
Nail Woes
Now onto the real reason for this post, my nail woes.
I was inspired by Samispo0n’s post about her own nail woes, and also Mitsu’s recent nail trend post.
You may remember my previous post about getting my nails done professionally (acrylics) with Samispo0n, Mininie Mouse style. They were so~ cute and I got a ton of compliments, even from the old Chinese man at the oriental store haha. So I couldn’t complain, as they were reasonably priced.
However, taking them off was where the trouble began. I looked around a few places and went to a small store in the mall where the guy tried to convince me that ‘those Chinese places’ mess up your nails and they just ‘leave you sitting there all day’. I didn’t believe any of this but I just wanted them taken off so I stayed there.

These were my nails after. Short and boring D:
My troubles didn’t stop there though.
The woman taking my acrylics off left my nails in the solution for far too long and then failed to take all of it off. This meant that my own nails were deprived of oxygen and had turned a nasty shade of purple/blue. She then filed my own nails down further than I asked and also ruined my cuticles, making my cuticles bleed badly – which have now scabbed over, attractive D:
She then asked me if I wanted them polished, to which I agreed as sometimes a manicure/polish is included in the price – and I had just bought a new bottle of Barry M. So I gave her my polish and she did them for me (see above image), not a bad job but nothing special.
Finally when I went to pay they charged me an extra £6 ($9) for her polishing my nails, with my polish, which took a minute at most. So needless to say I was rather annoyed.
So it just goes to show that not all nail endeavours go down so well. But please, don’t let this put you off just be careful where you go ;D

My nails are now slightly healthier but they’re still not long enough for me to try any real design or even round with a file – I dislike having my nails filed into a square but she did this anyway.
I did the above design myself, with the 2 new Barry M polishes I purchased. I am wearing their new Strawberry & Berry colours, from the Ice Cream range. I loved the subtle pink and purple – going to buy the blue and green next