Gilfy Store Produced by JELLY….

Better late than never, right? Haha sorry for the delay but as you already know I am busy with deadlines and exams. My last deadline was yesterday and I managed to hand everything in, but now I have to revise for the Japanese exams. Wish me luck ;D
Back on topic, I received the ‘Gilfy Store Produced by JELLY’ catalogue a few weeks ago, which was an Easter present from my lovely boyf. I thought I would post some of my favourite, and not so favourite pieces.
What’s Hot?
Coordinates first and I automatically fell in love with Maya and Yuki’s outfits.

Maya is sporting Gilfy, 06.
Her vintage 80’s look is uber hot and shows off some of this seasons biggest trends;
floral, denim, cardigans and the scarf head-bow.

Yuki is in Gilfy.
I love the sweet adult look of this, which is offset perfectly by the denim hot pants and black boots.
Points include; transparent lace top, scarf head-bow and rosary beads.
Next up, my top items from the catalogue.

I adore this studded bow headband by Gilfy, 06.
And if you UK Gals act quickly you can pick a similar one up at River Island.

Everyone knows and loves the Gilfy Tutu dress.
I would love one in pink, but it would probably make my ass look massive.

These clear belt bracelets look rather 90’s but I love them.
The perfect statement jewellery, which is a big trend right now.
Check out Mitsu’s piece on it.

Denim & Florals?!
Sign me up ;D
What’s Not?
Unfortunately I didn’t love everything in the new catalogue.

Even if it’s Gilfy, writing on your crotch is just not a good look.

These prints remind me of the funk upholstery you used to get in the 80’s.

Finally, Backs’ Suede Short Boots.
I’m sure there are Gals who could work them, they’re just not for me.
Note: Gilfy’s version of these has sold out.
The Gilfy family member that won it for me, this season:
I loved almost everything in their collection.
But it’s mainly the denim bustier tee, studded headband, jacket
and lace skirt that I DO.WANT.
Finally, the big surprise!?
Flats, flats and more flats.
Ok it’s not that much of a surprise since Gilfy, 06 have been trying to get their silver and gold flats out there for a while. Now they’re pushing out black as well, and maybe after seeing JELLY’s models working them in the pages of the catalogue they will hit the big time!?
I don’t know, I’m not a big fan of them and I think this particular style tends to make your feet and legs look rather stumpy. I personally love the embellished flats trend that’s happening right now though. I have a pair of black stud embellished flats which don’t make my legs look too short and they’re great because they’re a cute and comfortable shoe for me to wear to classes. But I wouldn’t wear them on a day/night out.
I am a little happy that this trend has caught on, because it works well for those Gals (mainly Western) who are tall and just don’t have the confidence for heels – a friend of mine is always saying she’s too tall for heels.
Even so, I prefer heels but then I am a measly 5’2 so I don’t have any worries XD
If they are your thing, check out;
Charmant‘s take on the flats.
R&E‘s wide selection.
and Rezoy‘s gorgeous collection.
What’s your favourite piece from this Season?
Are you wearing flats? If not, why?