This month’s issue of JELLY featured the current items their style team and readers are trying to get their hands on. Fancy a peek?

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1, 2, 3
  1. Chiffon Tunics
  2. Border Tops
  3. Crochet Tops
  1. Laguna Moon, Duras, LOVE BOAT
  2. Barak, Cecil McBee, Titty&Co
  3. Cecil McBee, BACKS, Lip Service
Which Trends?
  1. French Mix, Casual
  2. Retro Marine, Resort Casual
  3. Ethnic, Blogger

 4, 5, 6
  1. American Flag Print Tops
  2. Lace Tops
  3. Loose Knits
  1. Barak, muse muse by Royal Party, Gimlet
  2. Laguna MoonDuras, Dazzlin
Which Trends?
  1. American Casual, Rock
  2. Mexican Mix, Mode
  3. Simple Casual, Vintage

Cropped Tops  
Something which is popular every Summer, with all trends. JELLY show how to coordinate it with a simple black maxi, but the options are endless.
Cinched waist tops & dresses

A cute coordinate for most casual Summer looks. JELLY suggest mini-rompers but you’ll find plenty of dresses and tops in most stores sporting the same look.
– Mitsu mentions the crochet trend in one of her latest posts.
– Hana of Hanalovely tells us about Barak and her reasons for loving the brand.

Mooks: Are they worth it?

Lately I have been looking at and buying the latest Mooks for some of my favourite brands A/W collections. I was thinking of maybe doing a post about them and whether they are worth investing in, then I read Kirin’s review of the Kitson mook (bad quality, unfortunately) and Hana asked me whether I thought the WC mook was worth the money, so I finally decided to go ahead with it.
What are Mooks?
Mooks are basically glorified catalogue magazines, made in the style of books (magazine + book = mook). They feature the majority of a brands collection for that season, but also include things such as guest models, staff coordinates and special offers etc. – although this varies depending on the brand. Mooks aren’t limited to only Gal brands either. Well known Western brands such as Cath Kidston and Yves Saint Laurent have also released mooks previously.
But the main selling point of mooks are the FREE GIFTS!! Of course every girl loves a free gift with her magazine, but the ones that come with mooks tend to be a bit better quality but then you are paying more for the mook than you would a regular magazine. The free gifts are so popular (remember the CHER bags?) that some people only buy the mook for the gift – I may be included in this category ;D
Review; Cecil McBee
The Cecil McBee A/W mook was the first one I purchased when I arrived – it was also one of the first to be released of the Gal brands, along with Emoda (which I didn’t buy as it seemed too pricey for a make-up bag which I didn’t need and gel liner which I wouldn’t use).
The magazine side of it features a special editorial with Risa Hirako, who looks stunning at 39!! See people, if you have attitude and a decent stylist Gal has no age limit ;D
Other models also make an appearance throughout the mook and the A/W collection is done justice with some gorgeous photoshoots and a very good layout. My favourite part was seeing what the shop staff were wearing and the feature on how to use an item of clothing and make two outfits from it – elegant and gal.
The free gift with the CM mook was a small reversible tote bag. When I say small, it is quite tiny but it fits my wallet, phone and camera in, so I was quite impressed. The bag itself has a black fur design on one side with a gold Cecil McBee logo – and the other side is leopard print with the CM initials. I personally prefer the fur side as fur is going to be big this season, and it makes more sense to me to have a thinner, more durable fabric on the inside.
I thought the Cecil McBee mook was overall a good purchase. The free gift was stylish and useful. The only complaint I have is that the mook was the same price as the Gilfy one, which featured a much bigger bag as the free gift.
You can see some scans from the mook here @ Universal-doll.
Review; W♥C
I had been looking everywhere for the W♥C mook for a few weeks and then I happened upon it when popping out to buy hair dye. I hadn’t realised that it had only been due out that day – silly me.
The W♥C mook doesn’t feature any special appearances by other models, but then why would they need to when Chinatsu is the producer? Although it does feature some amazingly colourful and gorgeous photoshoots, shot in familiar sights such as Shibuya. But that’s mainly where it stops. Unlike the CM mook, the W♥C one is more like a bigger version of their catalogue and has been done in the same style.
It also features a link to the W♥C webstore where you can purchase items with a special password found in the mook. This is a good marketing strategy as fans of the brand will purchase the mook just for the chance to get special items. However the ‘special items’ were mainly variations on other things, which was a bit of a let down.
The free gift was a W♥C tote bag, with Kumatan print. This was the main reason I wanted the mook, as the tote bag looked adorable and I didn’t yet have anything with the Kumatan print. The bag was on the small side, but still managed to fit all my stuff in but the handles could have been a bit longer. The one thing I was annoyed with was that there was a small hole in my bag and whereas I know you can call the company and claim a new one, my Japanese isn’t that good and I don’t have the time. It can be repaired though, so no worries.
Visually the W♥C mook is very appealing and I loved the way the A/W collection was shown. Chinatsu, as always, is gorgeous and brings the clothing to life. I just wish that the bag had been a little bigger and wasn’t damaged.
Price wise, I was a little upset as this one was the most expensive of the bunch at 1,200円 (£9.25/$14.25) and it seemed a bit steep.
Review; Gilfy
Thanks to Gilfy’s popularity I was able to pick up the mook in my local Lawson.
You may remember Gilfy’s Summer catalogue being produced by Jelly – the one with the free hat and tote bag, which was a great deal. Well their A/W mook is produced by Vivi, which means all the models featured are from Vivi magazine. Rinka takes the glory of the front page and the first editorial, which I’m sure Jenny will be very pleased with. Lena is also featured in an editorial and various other models are used throughout the rest of the mook.
I’m not a big fan of Vivi so that didn’t really appeal to me, but I did enjoy the staff-chan coordinates and the make-up tutorials. Especially the one featuring Gilfy’s Emina, who looks lovely even without make-up btw.
The photoshoots in the mook were ok, but not incredibly inspiring. Some of them were even ruined by one of the models (can’t remember her name, but recognise her face) who refused to shut her mouth in them – not attractive and incredibly annoying.
It also seemed a little too busy when it came to showing off the clothes. It was like they were trying to do high-fashion editorials rather than just simple photoshoots to show off the new items. I preferred the simpler shots where you could see the clothing and it didn’t seem as though they were trying to hard to be something they’re not.
The free gift that came with the mook was a large plastic leopard print tote, with fabric lining and the Gilfy tag. I personally think this is the best gift out of all the ones I purchased. It is incredibly large and is the perfect size for my textbooks etc. It’s on trend with the leopard print and it’s durable. Thumbs up for Gilfy ;D
Price wise, the Gilfy mook was the same as the Cecil McBee one at 980円 (£7.60/$12.60). I personally would have paid that for the bag alone, and even though I wasn’t a big fan of the inside of the mook (nowhere near as good as the ‘produced by Jelly’ one) I will still be checking out the latest items and making a wish-list XD
Which mooks catch your eye?
Do you think they’re worth the money?

Recent/Holiday Coordinates….

☆ ~ French Macarons ~ ☆

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I updated last. I’ve been so busy sorting out everything, as I’M MOVING TO TOKYO NEXT WEEK!! Haha I still can’t quite believe it myself…it’s odd. Can’t wait though. Unfortunately I have some bad news, before I hound you with my latest coordinates. The ‘Gaijin Gyaru’ series is on a small hiatus, until I settle in. Sorry!! It’s just going to be a very hectic first few months, so I need to concentrate. I will still be updating whenever I can, I just won’t be able to send out the last few interviews just yet.

Recent Coordinates

Tshirt: Peacocks | Jeans: Primark | Scarf: H&M | Jewelry: Swarovski

You’ll see this tie-dye shirt and the necklace a couple of times in this post, coz I love them so much XD

The boyf bought me this Swarovski necklace for our 18 month anniversary. I wasn’t expecting anything but he saw me looking on the website and knew how much I wanted it.

 Tshirt: Peacocks | Shorts: GILFY | Bag: tutuHA

I am sending out some tutuHA love to Sara Mari with this one. I think she loves the store just as much, if not more, than me ;D

Holiday & Coordinates

As you’ll see, I didn’t take too many photos of my coords whilst I was on holiday. And I didn’t wear anything too amazing, but I think that was down to the heat (around 33c) and the fact that I spent 1/2 of the day in the pool XD Anyway, here are some photos of my holiday in Provence:

The boyf’s house

Top: TOPSHOP | Skirt: H&M

This outfit was inspired by the gorgeous Ena, and this coord of hers.
Sorry for the lack of accessories, I always tend to put them on last before I rush out haha

Top: H&M | Skirt: Republic | Headband: H&M

This was another inspired coord. I wanted a casual Mode look and I really liked this one (centre) from JELLY.

Shirt: Primark | Romper: H&M | Sunglasses: Primark | Accessories: H&M

And with a more attractive background

I may not get the chance to update before I leave for Tokyo, on Wednesday (I arrive on Thur evening)…but I will be updating my twitter so keep an eye out.

June gets & Giveaway…

June Gets
I missed out May entirely, but here are my June purchases ;D

GILFY faux-shirt shorts – bought from Lucie-Liu.
Detail pic
I didn’t like these when they originally came out, but they grew on me.
I like how they’re versatile enough to fit in with several coordinates.
Final verdict: Very cute and they look great on.

Topshop had a sale on Tokyo lashes, so I purchased some criss-cross ones.
I have yet to wear them but I’ll do a quick review when I do.
Detail pic
Note: I loved these so much I bought another set for my upcoming giveaway (see info below).

Some stud style bracelets from H&M.
I only own a few bracelets and they are very feminine and a little too expensive to wear everyday. Therefore I wanted something a bit more casual, that I could use as a point for my coordinate.
I need more bracelets~

If you remember I mentioned wanting this, in pink.
Well the amazingly wonderful Cherriparfait sold me hers.
She really is such a lovely person and I really appreciate her kindness.

GLAD NEWS top, which Cherriparfait also sent me.
We had both wanted to buy this from Mitsu a while ago, and she remembered.
♥ ♥ ♥

Finally, my most recent purchase; my ‘twin dress’ w/Claire – we both bought one.
It has a lace trim and a VERY bodycon feel to it when worn.
It just seemed to fit my current Mode obsession,
and it was only £3.99 from H&M :O
I decided the other day that I would do a giveaway once I reach 300 followers.
This is just to say thank you to all those who follow the blog and of course, read it. The giveaway will feature beauty products (like the above eyelashes) and much more – but for now it’s all hush hush ;D
I never thought that within 7 months I would have almost 300 followers – it really is amazing for a girl like me, who has never publicly blogged before. I wasn’t sure about whether to share my love of Gal with the blogging community, but thanks to you guys I can’t stop ;D
So for those of you who aren’t already following me, or have just dropped by…please click on the link on the right hand side and as soon as the count reaches 300 I shall be doing a giveaway.
I will post it here (of course) and I will announce it on my twitter and tumblr – so keep an eye out.

Current Faves….

Eurgh, technology and I are not cooperating well today. I figured I’d do a long awaited ‘April Gets’ but I forgot my camera lead. Then I thought of maybe talking about some current trends in the latest issues of JELLY & Happie Nuts but my laptop charger broke, and now all the USB ports are messing up DDD:
I have a feeling that it’s karma for leaving you guys waiting so long. Sorry!!
So instead I’m going to do a short but sweet post on some of my current favourite items this season.
Reminiscent of last seasons WC sandals, and keeping with the open-toe boot trend.
I love these boots, especially in white. They’d be perfect for the current MODE trend.
This t-shirt is also perfect for the MODE look.
H&M have a very similar one in-store now.
I haven’t really been feeling WC lately, but I do love the Kumatan scarf.
Perfect for the current scarf trend, whether you wear it in your hair,
around your neck or as an accessory on your bag.
This 5 item set from the GLAD NEWS Rakuten store is a bargain.
For around £39 you can get an entire Summer outfit.
Including; maxi dress, cropped tee, bag, flip-flops and a hat.
I really like the mix of denim and floral in this, surprise, surprise ;D
You can find some similar items on YesStyle.
Want everyone to know how much you love this seasons MODE trend?
Then this simple but chic tee is for you ;D
And finally, this ethnic onepiece by GIMLET.
I just love the pattern and overall look.
Ethnic has hit the UK highstreet too, so keep an eye out for similar pieces.
Source; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Gilfy Store Produced by JELLY….

Better late than never, right? Haha sorry for the delay but as you already know I am busy with deadlines and exams. My last deadline was yesterday and I managed to hand everything in, but now I have to revise for the Japanese exams. Wish me luck ;D
Back on topic, I received the ‘Gilfy Store Produced by JELLY’ catalogue a few weeks ago, which was an Easter present from my lovely boyf. I thought I would post some of my favourite, and not so favourite pieces.
What’s Hot?
Coordinates first and I automatically fell in love with Maya and Yuki’s outfits.

Maya is sporting Gilfy, 06.
Her vintage 80’s look is uber hot and shows off some of this seasons biggest trends;
floral, denim, cardigans and the scarf head-bow.

Yuki is in Gilfy.
I love the sweet adult look of this, which is offset perfectly by the denim hot pants and black boots.
Points include; transparent lace top, scarf head-bow and rosary beads.
Next up, my top items from the catalogue.

I adore this studded bow headband by Gilfy, 06.
And if you UK Gals act quickly you can pick a similar one up at River Island.

Everyone knows and loves the Gilfy Tutu dress.
I would love one in pink, but it would probably make my ass look massive.

These clear belt bracelets look rather 90’s but I love them.
The perfect statement jewellery, which is a big trend right now.
Check out Mitsu’s piece on it.

Denim & Florals?!
Sign me up ;D
What’s Not?
Unfortunately I didn’t love everything in the new catalogue.

Even if it’s Gilfy, writing on your crotch is just not a good look.

These prints remind me of the funk upholstery you used to get in the 80’s.

Finally, Backs’ Suede Short Boots.
I’m sure there are Gals who could work them, they’re just not for me.
Note: Gilfy’s version of these has sold out.
The Gilfy family member that won it for me, this season:
I loved almost everything in their collection.
But it’s mainly the denim bustier tee, studded headband, jacket
and lace skirt that I DO.WANT.
Finally, the big surprise!?
Flats, flats and more flats.
Ok it’s not that much of a surprise since Gilfy, 06 have been trying to get their silver and gold flats out there for a while. Now they’re pushing out black as well, and maybe after seeing JELLY’s models working them in the pages of the catalogue they will hit the big time!?
I don’t know, I’m not a big fan of them and I think this particular style tends to make your feet and legs look rather stumpy. I personally love the embellished flats trend that’s happening right now though. I have a pair of black stud embellished flats which don’t make my legs look too short and they’re great because they’re a cute and comfortable shoe for me to wear to classes. But I wouldn’t wear them on a day/night out.
I am a little happy that this trend has caught on, because it works well for those Gals (mainly Western) who are tall and just don’t have the confidence for heels – a friend of mine is always saying she’s too tall for heels.
Even so, I prefer heels but then I am a measly 5’2 so I don’t have any worries XD
If they are your thing, check out;
Charmant‘s take on the flats.
R&E‘s wide selection.
and Rezoy‘s gorgeous collection.
What’s your favourite piece from this Season?
Are you wearing flats? If not, why?