Picture post; Purikura

Just a small picture post of some Purikura I took recently on some meets.

These ones were taken at the ‘Gal Me2’ that was held in early January.
I am planning on doing a post about it soon, but I think I will save it for a time closer to the air date. Haha I can’t wait to see how silly I look – I’m such a wreck in-front of cameras XD

So many girls turned up and we had a brilliant time. Everyone was gorgeous and so lovely – it’s really nice to meet a bunch of girls who are interested in Gal and are genuinely nice. The Western Gal community gets so much stick for being ‘full of hate’ etc. but not everyone is like that 😀

I also arranged to meet with Sara-Mari a second time before she left. It was really great getting to know her, I felt like we could chat and joke with each other so easily. She’s such a kind and gorgeous Gal. We were also joined by Thanh-Thao, who has become such a good friend lately – I really enjoy hanging out with her.

We were later joined by the ever-fabulous Mitsu.
I have missed her whilst she was back in the States but we got to chat a little about random crap, WC and other things that make us laugh.

And finally I leave you with the wonders of Purikura, because every girl wants to look like her eyes are melting off her face…


p.s. What do you think of the new layout?
I wanted a change of colours – something that can bring us into Spring and perk up those cold Winter months!

Meet-up with Thanh-Thao~

This is a rather belated post, sorry!!

A few weeks ago I met with the lovely Thanh-Thao of Rainy Days.
A mutual friend of ours, Kirin, had mentioned she had met with Thanh and then after we chatted for a bit we decided to finally meet ourselves.
She is a lovely, sweet girl who I envy very much for being able to speak so many languages. I guess I can gain inspiration to work harder by spending time with people like this.
We had decided over the weekend that we would go to Namja Town (inside Ikebukuro Sunshine City), mainly for Ice Cream City and the Gyoza Stadium haha
Namja Town was much bigger than I had expected and there are cats everywhere! So if you’re a cat lady (I’m looking at you ;D) then you would love it. There was definitely lots to do but we headed straight for the Gyoza Stadium…
I adore Gyoza, as all my friends know and I was really craving cheese-filled Gyoza so I snapped some up from a rather enthusiastic and charismatic stall owner. To be fair, because there are so many Gyoza stalls all competing in such a small space most of the people there have to be charismatic etc.
Then afterwards we checked out Ice Cream City, which had lots of crazy flavours.
Thanh is such a cutie! Here she is modelling the entrance to ‘Ice Cream City’ where you can buy regular flavours, or maybe you fancy something along the lines of miso soup, garlic or HORSE?!
There are over 300+ flavours to choose from!
After being creeped out by too many crazy flavours to choose from we headed to ‘Desert land’ and choose the prettiest looking cake from the selection of stalls. We had the ‘House of Sweets’ which was a complete guilty pleasure, but it’s not so bad if you share, right?
I’m not a big fan of strawberries but these were glazed so they tasted mostly of sugar…which is fine by me haha

I love their Christmas tree!
After Namja Town we took a walk around Sunshine City, which we both decided is one of our favourite places to shop. There is an Alta inside and plenty of great restaurants to choose from – I am totally food orientated sometimes haha
And of course, we did Purikura~

I think glasses suit Thanh better than me XD

I had a really good time!
I hope we can meet again after New Year with Lou, and maybe some other bloggers.
Then afterward meeting with Thanh, I met with my boyfriend as he wanted to take me out to dinner. So we headed for an Italian and then I dragged him to purikura. He’s not a big fan as he thinks it makes guys look too girly…but that still doesn’t stop me getting him to do it.
So here is his debut on my blog♥

Meet-up with Lou~

I am back! Sorry for my absence but if it makes it any better I have plenty of new posts planned – so expect to see these soon. Whilst I was busy recuperating I spent most of my time with friends; hanging out in Shinjuku, Kabukicho and going on fieldtrips with my university.
During this time I met with the lovely Lou of Glamourberry.
She is such a fun, kind and gorgeous gal. I really enjoyed our coffee/shopping/dinner date!
After a long day at university (I was exhausted and I looked so terrible for it), sitting down to a coffee with a friendly face was so relaxing. It was so easy to talk to Lou, and she had lots of interesting things to say.
I really recommend her blog, because it’s not just another fashion blog – it’s about her life, views and thoughts on Japan also. Plus she has the cutest kitten, so I know all you ‘Cat Ladies’ out there will love her pictures♥
But now, onto my pictures and more purikura from our meet~

Whilst waiting for Lou a creepy guy tried his ナンパ skillz out on me. Needless to say they weren’t very good ;D

Shinjuku is probably the only place right now that makes me feel Christmas-y.

Fondue, with vegetables – so it’s healthy, right? ;D

Chocolate fondant mmmmm~

Coordinate puri

“I love you Ema”
“Me too Ru”
haha oh Engrish!

And finally, do you like my oversized sweater onepiece?
I had to buy this for the comfort factor (so soft) and the Engrish!
“Lick up defiantly!” – WHAT?! haha

Happy Halloween!

☆★☽ ~ ハッピーハロウィン ~ ☆★☽
Here is a Halloween post featuring my pictures from last weekends party at the infamous Tokyo Decadance event – some of you may remember it, as EGG’s Kaoru attended the one in Paris last year.

Make-up for the evening.
Not a great angle but I think you can see my make-up pretty well.
I had wanted to wear my purple lenses for the event but I was out from 11am that day and I didn’t get home until 9am the following day, so I think it was a smart move on my part not to wear them XD
So the big question is, what did I go as?!

Haha my costume is courtesy of Donki. To be honest I had so many costumes in mind, but in the end I choose something that was better on the bank balance…plus I can wear it again.
Sorry about the pixelated faces but I didn’t want to post my friends faces all over here.
The actual event was held at Shinjuku’s ‘Christon Cafe’ which is a gorgeous Christian-themed restaurant. The decor is amazing and I completely understand why they decided to hold Tokyo Decadance there.
Of course that’s just a picture outside, whereas inside it looks like this…
I wish the picture had turned out better but unfortunately my camera couldn’t really grasp the beauty of the architecture under all the lasers and lack of light. Maybe I will make a trip back there some time during the day.
Apart from a gorgeous venue, and some pretty decent DJs there were also performances throughout the night. Unfortunately I can’t post pictures of all of them as some were a little risque and I don’t want to offend anyone.

I don’t have a picture of the actual performance but a bunch of people in Anime Kigurumis (the person above was included in the performance) paraded around the stage, and actually creeped me out a little.
Selia was the host for the night, and he was certainly workin’ his outfit – so jealous! It was a shame that he didn’t sing as my friend is a big fan of his music, but he kept us entertained nonetheless.
These guys messed around and then with a little bit of a not-so-quick costume change the headless man turned into…

…this girl!
I really loved her, she was so energetic and she pulled the craziest faces. She later did some stunts with the guy in the left corner.
This guy was actually amazing. He gave us a few twirls of his outfit and then proceeded to slide out of it. Ok I wasn’t too keen on the thong-only undergarments he was sporting but his snake-like movements and contortion made me forget about that.
He crawled off the stage and into the crowd, which was great as I was stood right at the front. I think my friends and I really had the best positions.

This ‘character’ did a little piece by himself and was later joined by the people in Anime Kigurumis. I didn’t like him at all, I’m not sure why but his outfit freaked me out D:
And FINALLY the main reason that I went to Tokyo Decadance, and something I can tick off my ‘to-do in Japan’ list….

I’ve been a big fan of theirs for several years now so I was really pleased to be able to see them perform. Exo-Chika is even more gorgeous in person and their music is great live. They really gave off a great energy and it seemed like everyone was enjoying their music.
The funny thing is I didn’t notice that many Gals at the event until Aural Vampire came out. Maybe they were just late to the party or we all share the same taste in music. Either way I was pleased to see that a variety of people were there.
I hope all my readers are going to enjoy All Hallows Eve, and I can’t wait to see some Gal inspired Halloween posts!!
What will you all be doing for Halloween?
And what will you be wearing?!
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From Tokyo with Love [1]

I thought I would give my new mini-series (that I talked about here) a name. So welcome to….
‘From Tokyo with Love’– original, right? ;D
As often as I can, I plan to make filler posts during the week and between my larger posts. These will feature pictures from Tokyo, mainly Gal related but sometimes not – I can’t go a year in Tokyo without showing you guys something other than Gals, clothes and shops XD
For the first post in the series, I took a few shots when I made a quick stop to Shibuya 109 this week.
An advertisement for Vivi’s 109 book.
A couple of girls being interviewed.
It’s not out of the ordinary to see camera crews in Shibuya.
AYU x JELLY are featured on 109’s store-front right now.

Some interesting English outside TWISTY in 109.
In terms of Engrish, I think this is a pretty decent attempt – they just need spell check ;D
Chinatsu Wakatsuki promoting Diamond Lash (eyelashes) on 109’s top floor.
You’re encouraged to take your photo here!
W♥C need to get their new stock in!!
My friend was converted by this ad…well she wanted the jumper.
Stopped by the SBY cafe for a crepe.
The side window is decorated with photos of EGG models and…
…random Gal’s purikura.
– I don’t mind posting this (in terms of privacy) as you can’t see anyone’s face properly –
Last months issue of HAPPIE NUTS dispels the ‘red lipstick’ myth.
Finally a ‘happy’ note from the SBY Gals ;D

Shibuya and 109….

Perky promotional Gal invites you in.
The last week I have been so busy meeting with friends, that I ended up going to Shibuya on Tue, Wed and Friday. I don’t know how I made it through the days this week – we’ve had highs of 37 degrees. That’s crazy!!
So this post is just going to be about coordinates, make-up and purchases (of course I ended up in 109 a few times) from those past few days. I also included some fun photos that I took on those days, all Gal related of course ;D
I actually haven’t added a few things in this picture as I purchased them later but that can be for another post ;D
I picked up the WC Tiger t-shirt before the sale ended and managed to get it half price, which I’m quite pleased with. I bought the SBY scrunchie and S.12.C (109-2) skirt as inspiration from the t-shirt haha. It’s terrible how I fashion an outfit around one item, and I won’t give up until I find what I want.
As you can see I picked up quite a few of the A/W catalogues from the stores too. I choose MA*RS, Gilfy, Lip Service and Heaven & Earth (for Maya Mori). I received the W♥C one when I made a purchase.
I also bought the Cecil McBee A/W Mook as it came with a free fur tote bag, which is reversible to leopard print – very cute – and picked up the new issue of JELLY. I did have pics of them, but I took them on my camera…the one with the missing cable D:
Coordinates & Make-up
Crop top: H&M
Bandage skirt: H&M
Usamimi: H&M
Bag: Gilfy

T-Shirt: W♥C
Skirt: S.12.C (109-2)
Nude lips are growing on me, so I’m currently hunting for a good lipstick.
I’m considering one by KATE at the moment.
Close-up of my eye make;
Orange & blue shadow, liner and criss-cross lashes.
Finally bought some under-lashes the other day so review soon.
Nothing special, just something to chill in.
Vest: tutuHA
Shorts: Gilfy
And a few bonus pics I took around Shibuya…
These Gals were so cute, just lounging in the heat and enjoying an ice cream.
The 2nd girl from the left was so energetic when I asked for a photo that she replied in English with a big “YES!”
The girl on the far left was really sweet too. She thought I was only asking the others for a photo, and she quietly asked if she could be in it too.
One of them turned away from the camera, until the 2nd girl moaned at her and gave her a push. I didn’t hear but she was probably telling her to stop being so moody ;D
Can you tell which one didn’t want to be in the photo?
Introducing the gorgeous Gaby in all her Co&Lu lovelyness. I’ve known Gaby for about 5 years now and she’s from my hometown. How ridiculous is it that we’re both living in Tokyo for a year (for diff reasons), at the same time XD
And finally, I shall leave you with a picture of yours truly ;D
I look like such a mess next to this lovely W♥C staff-chan – props to anyone who can link me to her blog. She was so cute and liked that we had the same t-shirt on. I also love that we both felt the leopard print vibe with our coordinates.