From Tokyo with Love [1]

I thought I would give my new mini-series (that I talked about here) a name. So welcome to….
‘From Tokyo with Love’– original, right? ;D
As often as I can, I plan to make filler posts during the week and between my larger posts. These will feature pictures from Tokyo, mainly Gal related but sometimes not – I can’t go a year in Tokyo without showing you guys something other than Gals, clothes and shops XD
For the first post in the series, I took a few shots when I made a quick stop to Shibuya 109 this week.
An advertisement for Vivi’s 109 book.
A couple of girls being interviewed.
It’s not out of the ordinary to see camera crews in Shibuya.
AYU x JELLY are featured on 109’s store-front right now.

Some interesting English outside TWISTY in 109.
In terms of Engrish, I think this is a pretty decent attempt – they just need spell check ;D
Chinatsu Wakatsuki promoting Diamond Lash (eyelashes) on 109’s top floor.
You’re encouraged to take your photo here!
W♥C need to get their new stock in!!
My friend was converted by this ad…well she wanted the jumper.
Stopped by the SBY cafe for a crepe.
The side window is decorated with photos of EGG models and…
…random Gal’s purikura.
– I don’t mind posting this (in terms of privacy) as you can’t see anyone’s face properly –
Last months issue of HAPPIE NUTS dispels the ‘red lipstick’ myth.
Finally a ‘happy’ note from the SBY Gals ;D