Photo Diary: Hyper Japan 2013

Here is the first post from Hyper Japan 2013.
This post is very photo heavy, so I’ve hidden it under a cut.

Japanese inspired nail art @ Sanagi Atelier – website

Angelic Pretty, Japanese cosmetics, wigs, toys, accessories and more @ Dreamy Bows – website
This stall was also run in conjunction with Tofu Cute – website
Handmade jewellery and accessories @ Roxie Sweetheart

This is just a small collection of photos I managed to take before my camera died.
I was impressed with the selection of Japanese fashion and cosmetic stalls on show this year.
Of course I love the culture and food sections equally, but I wanted to focus on the fashion/beauty.
I’ve placed a little info and credit under some of the photos, so you can shop online for yourselves.
Keep an eye out for a special Hyper Japan 2013 Youtube video coming soon!
Which stall looked the most interesting to you?
If you went which was your favourite stall this year?

OOTD: Style It Like You Mean It

Maxi Dress – Gal Fit, Japan | Shirt – Internacionale | Bag* – Oasap | Necklace* – Oasap

First off I would like to apologise for the poor quality of these photos. I almost cried seeing the difference between these taken on my iPhone and ones taken on my camera. Unfortunately my camera broke at the weekend, due to a fault that apparently occurs in the Olympus E-PL1. It’s been a trusty camera but I’m sad to see it go, especially as it’s a stupid problem with the camera. Anyway, I’ll be using my iPhone in the meantime as I’ll need to save for a new camera.
I didn’t get a chance to take a proper photo of today’s outfit, so here is the next best thing. I know this is laid out more like a style post, but I think you can all see where I’m coming from. I found my maxi dress from Japan recently – the only one I’ve ever found for my height – amazing. The cross detail on the back of this dress was also a big reason why I bought it, it’s simple but chic. I also found this shirt I bought around a year or so ago from Internacionale and wore once, if that. Sometimes it’s quite satisfying to get some use out of old items you haven’t seen for a while. The bag and necklace are new items from Oasap though, so I’m mixing old with new.
Don’t forget to visit Oasap and use discount code: ‘bloomzy’ for 35% off!

Guest Post: When Fashion & Culture Clash!

It’s been a while since I featured a guest post and I think this is a great one to come back with!
The lovely Alina is from Germany and blogs at ‘A Panda in Wonderland‘. She is passionate about fashion and travelling, amongst other things. Psst, she’s also currently running a giveaway!

Today she will be sharing with you how she doesn’t give up on her personal style, even when it means loving the fashion of one culture (Japan) that conflicts with her own (Germany).


When the doors of the arrival gate opens it is not only the cold, rainy weather that welcomes me back to Germany but also the judging gazes that lie upon me.
I’ve been traveling back and forth to Japan since 2008 and the problem of wearing my japanese outfits back home has not gotten any better. In my opinion some countries are either too conservative or too boring to accept something ‘different’ from what they see everyday. Seriously, doesn’t wearing jeans and T-shirts all the time get boring?

The usual comments I receive (most people don’t even have the courage to say it to my face) are: ‘Isn’t that too short?’ , ‘What’s with the dolly look, she must be one of those anime freaks!’ or ‘How old is she to think that she can wear such pattern?!’ Most of them giggle or point fingers on top of that. Honestly speaking, I don’t really give a damn anymore what they think since I rather wear my unique outfits than drown in the boring crowd of Jeans.
I’m facing the same problems with hair accessories like bows or hairbands. In Japan you are constantly being complimented on them while back home everyone is rolling their eyes. It is scary how some people just can’t tolerate what they aren’t used to.

If you have ever been to Tokyo, you are probably aware of the fact that almost no one looks the same, outfit wise. They all have their own style, a different hairdo and fashion taste, yet it seems to be tolerated by everyone around them. If you have time, sit down in a nice câfe and watch the people who pass by, it always inspires me fashion wise.
Colorful or patterned tights are also a little bit risky over here. You immediately end up in the cheap woman section even though you are just trying to pimp your simple H&M dress. Ridiculous in my opinion. Clubbing in my ‘night out’ outfits from Japan is a unbelievable pain in the ass because everything that Japanese consider stylish (Oshare) is judged as slutty over here.
So no matter what you do, you either end up in the ‘slutty’ or the ‘anime freak with no taste’ section. Even though you are just chosing another fashion style than the majority is.

Nevertheless, I’ll continue with my personal style and would like to encourage everybody else who is facing the same problem to do the same.
After all it’s me (you) who have to feel comfortable in what you wear not everybody else 😉

Photo Diary: Celebrating in Style

Photo Diary Catch-up – Celebrating in Style
I’ve been accessorising like crazy lately!
That’s all thanks to the lovely people who bought me these lovely presents.
The neon accent leather cuff (Whistles) is from my parents and the studded bracelets (Zara) from a friend.
My Tatty Devine crowns look amazing layered, thank you to Dodo & Randa, as well as my grandparents!
I’ve also been nibbling on treats from Japan.
Zak bought me some leopard print chocolate & banana sponge cakes.
You can purchase them in the Tokyo Sky Tree – Tokyo’s latest tourist attraction.
Of course I have to nibble whilst having perfectly manicured hands – I used Mavala polish & glitter.
For my birthday I visited the Victoria & Albert Museum.
We had a look around and had lunch in the amazing food hall.
The same friend who bought me the bracelets also bought me macarons.
They were gone in only a couple of days – and that was after holding myself back!
I also took my parents to The Breakfast Club, who haven’t stopped going on about it since.
Finally, a big thank you to Nintendo who sent me a Nintendo 3DS XL and a copy of the new Style Boutique game.
Expect a review soon, because I can’t get enough of it!!

Street Style: Tokyo

Street Style Snaps taken in Tokyo from Fashion Latte & Tokyo Fashion

As my blog started as a Japanese fashion blog all those years ago, I wanted to pay homage to that.
The amazing fashion seen on the streets of Tokyo is one of the main things I miss about my second home.
Even though in recent years it has been highly influenced by London and ‘Blogger Style’ it’s still very unique.
Models, Idols, Artists and Bloggers are born on the streets of Tokyo, whether it’s Harajuku, Shibuya or Shinjuku.
Fashion Latte is a website I found out about recently when a friend had her photo taken for them.
They are an international site who feature photos from Tokyo, New York, Paris and London.
However they are primarily a Japanese site, but navigating your way through the site isn’t too difficult.
Click on the black button that reads スナップ and then choose your location to view recent street styles.
As for Tokyo Fashion, well they’re quite a well known and established site already.
Entirely in English you can navigate your way through the various areas of Tokyo.
It’s wonderful for seeing the trends and styles that reign in one ward of the city to the next.
I took a couple of street snaps myself during my time in Tokyo, which you can view here.

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Photo Diary: Tokyo, Old & New

Central Shibuya and Ichigaya Fishing Centre – Tokyo, Japan

I wanted to do another photo diary post from Japan as it seems like I haven’t done one for a while.
As I was looking through my photos from my time living in Tokyo, I was reminded of one of the reasons I love the capital city so much – the mixture of old and new. It might seem a bit cliche or it may not even make sense, but to me Tokyo manages to perfectly mix traditional (or ‘old’) and modern culture. Of course there are times when the two don’t match, but it’s surprising how harmoniously they get on in such a bustling city.
The new
Shibuya is arguably one of the most modern districts in Tokyo, known as a mecca for young people.
In the photos I included you can see Shibuya station, which is constantly packed full of commuters.
I also included photos of popular shopping malls Shibuya 109 (aimed at young women), and Shibuya 109-2 (the male equivalent of 109, which also has a few women’s stores). The adverts on the sides of the buildings change constantly, keeping you up-to-date with the music, food and tv you should be partaking in.
The Old
Ichigaya Fishing Centre may not seem that ‘old’ but the past-time of fishing goes back a long way in Japan.
As you exit the highly modern commuter train (Chuo/Sobu line) and look out across from the platform you will spot the fishing centre hidden amongst skyscrapers, and high-rise office buildings/apartments – the set-up definitely stands out against its backdrop. The customers who frequent the centre use traditonal methods to catch the fish.
Don’t worry though, all the fish are put back in the pond after being caught and weighed.

Discuss: ‘Snaggletooth’ Trend

We all know that Japan loves their trends and fads, nothing new there. The most recent ‘trend’ that seems to be the in-topic of discussion lately, is the ‘snaggletooth’ trend. Snaggletooth is an American term, which refers to pointing out or crooked teeth (prominent canines). In Japan it is called Tsuke Yaeba. This isn’t a new trend, but it has become so popular that a new girl group has been created around the term – check out TYB48 (see what they did there?) in the above photo. They were chosen through a dental clinic that specializes in the trend.
Dental care isn’t that amazing in Japan, and wonky teeth are quite common, although braces are becoming more popular with younger generations. So whereas the term has negative connotations in the West, a lot of Japanese people find it cute and endearing. Why?! Well apparently a more ‘homely’ look attracts more suitors.
Kirsten Dunst & Japanese Idol Tomomi Itano
The trend has become so popular in Japan that a dental surgery in Tokyo’s luxurious Ginza district has started offering it as a service. Women have been spending around $400 on treatments that will allow them to achieve the look. Don’t worry though their teeth aren’t pulled around and moved about! Plastic caps are placed over the teeth to create the effect.
I personally think it’s sweet that ‘wonky teeth’ aren’t seen as unattractive in Japan, and there isn’t as much pressure on having perfect whites. However I am someone who went through having braces etc. to improve my teeth. I also don’t like the idea of altering this kind of part of my body, just to be seen as attractive, so I personally wouldn’t do it. 

What do you think of the trend?
Would you be willing to alter your body just to stay fashionable, or find a partner?

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