OOTD: “These are hard times for dreamers”

Beret – bought in Japan | Dress* – Boden | Necklace – Tatty Devine | Watch* – French Connection

Yes, this dress is called the ‘Amélie Dress’. Surely there is nothing more suited to me than this? For those of you who don’t know/haven’t guessed I am a massive fan of Amélie. Not only am I a fan of the movie but I adored Audrey Tautou’s character’s wardrobe. Whereas this may not be related I think this dress is definitely something you’d see in the movie. I spotted this straight away when I was viewing Boden’s dress collection, and it was love. I knew that this would make a great Autumn/Winter dress, so I definitely had to have it. The pattern and cut are very flattering, even so I added a belt to break up the stripes. This comes in 3 colours but I thought this one was best suited to my style. Although I am now wishing I had the monochrome one too!
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OOTD: Orange Fancy

Dress: Topshop | Shoes – Primark | Bag – Topshop | Sunglasses* – Warehouse | Necklace – Tatty Devine

On Monday I made my way to the Southbank Centre for a friend’s graduation. I wanted something special for the day, but something I could wear afterwards too. It took a few hours of trying on different shorts, blouses and dresses to finally find this one though.
The cut of this Topshop dress is lovely and the print is amazingly loud. I knew that this would be perfect for a hot Summer’s day by the Thames. It may clash with my hair but since when I did care about clashing colours? I’m just pretty proud of myself for not resorting to choosing a black dress for the occasion. Of course I had to find a colourful backdrop, that was equally as loud as the dress.
Thank you to everyone who has continued to read my blog during my mini-hiatus.
It is still a difficult time right now, but I’m hoping to update at a speed that is comfortable to me.

OOTD: Neon Nightmare

Shirt* – Chicnova | Trousers – Republic | Necklace – Tatty Devine | Watch – Marc Jacobs | Cuff – Whistles

First off I would just like to apologise for how sporadic my posts have been lately. I’ve been going through a few things personally and haven’t had the mental or physical energy. I’m still dedicated to this blog, so don’t worry I won’t be giving it up. I just need a little rest now & then.

This weekend I met with Anna for brunch and a shopping trip – just what I needed to take my mind of things. I wanted to brighten myself up as the weather was so lovely and well, it’s just felt nice to do so. I put on my leggings, which are basically non-high-waisted disco pants, and my fluorescent shirt from Chicnova. Now when I say fluorescent I mean neon, radioactive green – I love it to pieces, apart from how easily it creases. I decided to pair it with my Frida necklace – hoping to mystically channel some of Frida’s strength. You know, I think it may have even worked a little bit.
Do you have a role model that you look to when you need to be stronger?

Photo Diary: OOTD Catch-up

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been having some fun with my outfits.
I was finally able to pop to my parent’s house and bring back my Summer wardrobe.
You know your country has a problem with weather when you store your seasonal clothing away.
Typically English whining aside, I loved being able to wear some dresses and show my legs off again.
I was also pretty ecstatic as I found my infamous ‘Purple Paris Trousers’ amongst my Summer clothes.
I love them to pieces but some people just don’t seem to be able to understand just how amazing they are.
So I intend to rep them on the blog as much as possible this Summer!
On the darker days I was able to shine with the help of accessories and my amazingly bright red hair.
I’ve been wearing a lot of accessories by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tatty Devine and indie brands recently.
As gorgeous as they all are though, I don’t think anything is as good an accessory as my hair is right now.
Don’t worry I’m not becoming bigheaded, I’m just super happy (and pretty proud) of my hair for once.
Ever since I had it done at Bleach I’ve had people stopping me to tell me how much they love the colour.
It’s a silly little compliment but it boosts my confidence and makes me glad I went back to red.
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My Tatty Devine Lucky Dip Box

My Tatty Devine Small Lucky Dip Box

As I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to attend the sample sale I ordered a lucky dip box.
I’m quite partial to lucky bags etc so even though I did go to the sale I was still excited.
Well my box arrived on Friday and I was eager to see what it contained.
I received the Swallow Earrings, Pipe Ring & Parcel Bow Necklace.
I can’t say I was overwhelmed with what I got to be honest.
I plan to keep the Swallow Earrings…maybe, but none of it is really something I would wear.
In fact I think I picked up all 3 products at the sample sale but didn’t buy them as they didn’t interest me.
That said, I thought £15 for these 3 Tatty Devine pieces was bargain, even if I’m not into them.
I have put the necklace and ring up on the Tatty Devine Swap Shop on Facebook so I’ll see what happens.
I’d also be happy to swap with any of my readers who want to exchange any Tatty pieces.
I guess I could always sell them on if not, or possibly hold a giveaway maybe?!
ETA: I popped them up on eBay after scheduling this post.
Did you buy a Tatty Devine Lucky Dip Box?
What did you get, and were you happy with it?

Tatty Devine Sample Sale Haul

My haul from the Tatty Devine Sample Sale
When I first heard that Tatty Devine were holding a sample sale I knew I had to go.
I didn’t think I would be able to actually, but thankfully things worked out so I could.
So I joined the queue early on a Saturday morning, and I felt quite chilled.
That all changed when we stepped into the store.
If you know their Brick Lane store well, you will also know that it is tiny.
It works perfectly well for Tatty, but it’s not the first place you’d go to hold a sample sale.
So it was a battle of the superfans as ladies (and gentleman alike) scavenged through the boxes.
It was a bit like a treasure hunt in a way, as everyone battled to find the one piece they had been after.
Seriously though, even though I kid about it being chaotic everyone was very bubbly and excited.
I also met a very lovely lady who I wish I’d exchanged info with – all I know of her is ‘Bridezilla on Wheels’.
Don’t worry though, this isn’t going to turn into a ‘We on a blustery morning in Brick Lane…’ post.
So what was I after? Well to be honest with you I didn’t really know. I just wanted to take a peek.
That meant it was even more enticing when I started finding classic pieces I wanted (but couldn’t justify at full price) and old items that I’d missed out on the first time round. So I put up with the pushing and general craziness to search for more hidden gems. And boy, did I find some hidden gems! My Tatty Devine collection is ever expanding, with pieces that reflect my interests & personal style – that’s what I love about Tatty Devine as a brand. In a nutshell? I’ll be back!

OOTD: Stripey & Chic

(Dress: China Doll Boutique, Necklace: Tatty Devine, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Bracelet: Rêves D’Hiver)
Finally, after waiting for so long, the warm weather is here!!
I celebrate by stopping by China Doll Boutique’s (now named Sugar & Style) Box Park pop-up.
Nhuc is always lovely & chatty, and after browsing her new items (some from Paris!) I tried a few on.
Although I loved some of the new printed trousers I decided that a light Summer dress would be best.
This one just screamed Parisian-chic to me, and I loved the simplicity of it – more to accessorise with!
The cut is super flattering, which surprised me as I have some rather prominent boobs and bum going on.
I think this may be my go-to Summer casual dress, especially as it suits my new hairstyle so well.
Unfortunately the dress isn’t available on the online store, but you can find it in the Box Park store!