Photo Diary: Life in London

Recent snaps from my Instagram – @bloomzy

I have now been living in London for just over a month.
It’s been wonderful and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to share more with you.
I’ve missed doing lifestyle posts and a few of you mentioned you missed them too, so here’s two in a row!
The reason why I have been so busy is because I found a job a few weeks ago so I’ve been working.
Apart from work, I’ve also been indulging in some tasty food, as yesterday’s post proves.
My BFF Jemi visited and we had a bit of retail therapy as well as a good catch-up – miss you already!
I’ve also been indulging in tasty clothes too, such as a new pair of wedge sneakers and the Tatty Devine Frida Kahlo necklace that I had been lusting after for several months. Luckily my job allows me to wear all the fancy clothes I like! 
I don’t have as much free time as I would like now, but I still enjoy my job and the free time I get.
How do you relax and make the most of your free time?

A Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wishlist



Long sleeve velvet dress, $62 / Velvet skirt / Topshop , $48 / Studded ballet flat, $35 / MICHAEL Michael Kors leather tote bag, $270 / 
Christmas is coming, and you know what that means.
Yep, it’s time for another ‘Christmas Wishlist’ post, sorry guys.
I wasn’t actually thinking of doing one this year but then a friend and the fiancé specifically asked for one, so…I guess you could say that I’m leaning more towards accessories and clothing right now.
There’s the odd bit of homeware thrown in but what surprised me most was the lack of beauty products.
Honestly I couldn’t think of anything beauty related that I REALLY wanted, so I just didn’t bother with it.
Right now I’m just after lots of velvet clothing (and shoes!) and some amazing accents to go with.

The usual offenders are there: Topshop, Marc Jacobs, Regal Rose and Tatty Devine.
I know the MK bag is a bit of a long shot, but hey this is a wish list, and a girl’s allowed to dream.

Photo Diary: Tatty Devine Sugar Skull Workshop

Last weekend a very good friend came down to visit me in my new pad.
We’d already made plans to visit the Rekorderlig event on the Friday, but we also needed to fill up our Saturday.
It so happens that I follow Tatty Devine on Twitter (big fan, as you know) and they mentioned a workshop they were holding to make and design your own Sugar Skull necklace, much like the ones they had on sale this Summer. You probably remember how much I wanted one of their Sugar Skull necklaces, but actually I didn’t end up buying one as I was too busy saving for the big move to London. So this was the perfect opportunity for me to make my very own unique Tatty Devine necklace! After some persuasion from my friend – he wanted to make one too – we decided to go.
The workshop itself is quite small so the event only had around 11 people (2 being TD staff members).
My friend was the only guy there, but the ladies loved him, and we all had a lovely time. Everyone was super chatty and very friendly – I think the atmosphere in Tatty Devine helped, it was very welcoming and laid back. We got to play with spray paints, stencils, crystals and a whole manner of shiny & sparkly objects. Everyone’s design was completely unique and it was fun comparing them along the way. Some went for shockingly pink, Barbie inspired skulls, others went for ALL the bling, while I finally decided on a dark gothic inspired sugar skull – it was that or purple.
My final design is the one on the left and the one on the right is my friend’s.
I had a brilliant time and met some lovely people. The TD staff were wonderful – funny, helpful and kind.
If you get the chance to attend one of their workshops please do! The experience alone is worth the money.
Spaces sell out very quickly though so keep an eye out (here) and book as soon as you can!