Tatty Devine Sample Sale Haul

My haul from the Tatty Devine Sample Sale
When I first heard that Tatty Devine were holding a sample sale I knew I had to go.
I didn’t think I would be able to actually, but thankfully things worked out so I could.
So I joined the queue early on a Saturday morning, and I felt quite chilled.
That all changed when we stepped into the store.
If you know their Brick Lane store well, you will also know that it is tiny.
It works perfectly well for Tatty, but it’s not the first place you’d go to hold a sample sale.
So it was a battle of the superfans as ladies (and gentleman alike) scavenged through the boxes.
It was a bit like a treasure hunt in a way, as everyone battled to find the one piece they had been after.
Seriously though, even though I kid about it being chaotic everyone was very bubbly and excited.
I also met a very lovely lady who I wish I’d exchanged info with – all I know of her is ‘Bridezilla on Wheels’.
Don’t worry though, this isn’t going to turn into a ‘We on a blustery morning in Brick Lane…’ post.
So what was I after? Well to be honest with you I didn’t really know. I just wanted to take a peek.
That meant it was even more enticing when I started finding classic pieces I wanted (but couldn’t justify at full price) and old items that I’d missed out on the first time round. So I put up with the pushing and general craziness to search for more hidden gems. And boy, did I find some hidden gems! My Tatty Devine collection is ever expanding, with pieces that reflect my interests & personal style – that’s what I love about Tatty Devine as a brand. In a nutshell? I’ll be back!