5 Helpful Wellbeing Tips for the Bedroom

wellbeing tips for the bedroom
My 5 Top Wellbeing Tips for the Bedroom

Personal wellbeing is something I’ve been discussing on this blog for years and I believe it’s even more important now than ever before. With a lot of people spending more time at home, I got thinking about what I could touch on next. My own sleep pattern has been up and down for years, but oddly it’s improved since lockdown. I’m sure this is due to a number of factors (some of which I touch on below) but I believe having a bedroom that allows me to breakaway from all of the chaos of the day helps a lot. So here are my wellbeing tips for the bedroom.

5 Wellbeing Tips for the Bedroom

Create a calming environment

Above everything it’s important that your bedroom is a calm place that you can withdraw to when you need it – whether that’s for a cheeky midday nap, or just as the room you escape to at the end of a long day.

One way of creating a calming environment is to do a spring clean. Clear out things you don’t need. For those that you do, less is more – choose storage solutions that allow you to hide clutter. It will help you feel less stressed and make it easier to tidy your room.

Introduce some nature into the bedroom

Houseplants are an amazing way of transporting you to a different place. Research has shown that they can reduce stress & anxiety, lower blood pressure and help with breathing problems. Some of the best plants for improving the air quality in a room are snake plant, peace lily and devil’s ivy. And of course they look lovely.

Also consider natural materials in your bedroom. Try cotton sheets, wooden interiors and a wool throw – for example.

A tech free room

Lying in bed and watching tv, or scrolling on your phone – everyone does it. But technology in the bedroom is a big no no. It’s been shown that the light omitted from our phones, laptops and tvs can contribute towards a poor sleeping pattern and keeping you awake for longer. Removing the temptation from the room (no tvs, laptops etc) can go a long way towards helping.

Make your bedroom look good

It’s not rocket science, a well styled room makes us feel good. So why not do the same with your bedroom? Blue is the best colour for painting your bedroom – it’s a calming colour, which is conducive to sleep. In terms of bedding, choose quality fabrics that will let your skin breathe such as Egyptian cotton.

Luxury bedding company Dusk’s research has shown key design trends across the UK:

  • Scot’s purchase 10% of Britain’s faux fur (more than anywhere else)
  • Simple, minimal styles are favoured more in Wales
  • Londoner’s purchase more goose-down bedding
  • Northern Ireland spend more on luxury (higher togs and quality fabrics) bedding

Lighting is important

Natural light has a ton of benefits, physically and emotionally. It does wonders to boost both your mood and quality of sleep. But did you know that having a lack of light in your bedroom is just as important?

Black out curtains are a must to block out artificial and natural light whilst you’re sleeping. Darkness is essential for your body to produce melatonin – basically to get a good nights sleep and help your body clock. If you love being woken up by the sun, sleep lamps are a great idea and mean you won’t have to compromise.

wellbeing tips for the bedroom
wellbeing tips for the bedroom

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