Introducing… EarlyBird Healthy Snacks

earlybird-healthy-snacks-box-3EarlyBird Healthy Snacks

We all know I have a penchant for subscription boxes, be them beauty or lifestyle. Healthy snack boxes are no different. The anticipation of receiving a variety of different snacks every week is just too much for me to pass up on. I’ve tried that well known snack box before, but became bored of it quickly. It also wasn’t too economical for me. However recently I heard about a new box on the block – EarlyBird.

What’s it all about?
 “deliver you 5 healthy tasty snacks and some delicious tea to help you through the working week. Keeping those 3pm craves at bay!” EarlyBird isn’t only about the food though. There is a lifestyle/design aspect to the boxes as well. You’ll find a different artist illustrating the box every month, and a different featured musician every other week (the music track is free to download via a code inside the box). All-in-all EB is quite different to the other snack subscription boxes out there.

I’m a savoury gal, so  for me there were just too many sweet snacks in this box. The menu features a lot of savoury options though, so I think I will stick around and see what I get next time. Right now there are no customisation options, but it is coming soon! In my opinion the art and music aspect of the box is an added bonus. This is no longer a regular snack box, it’s a lifestyle box. Price wise, £4.50 for one box a week – suggested by EarlyBird – is not bad at all. Of course if you’re like me you’ll probably get too excited and eat everything within a couple of days. Fear not though, you can order more than one box at a time. All boxes arrive on a Monday morning, so it’s worth having them delivered to your office. Maybe you can even create a little stockpile on your desk. I’m a serial snack hoarder, so it’s certainly something I would consider.

Fancy trying it for yourself? Visit EarlyBird and use code: emma-0548 – to get your first box free!

earlybird-healthy-snacks-box-2 earlybird-healthy-snacks-box-1earlybird-healthy-snacks-box