Review: Latest in Beauty Cult Collection Box

latest-in-beauty-get-the-gloss-cult-collection-1Get The Gloss x Latest in Beauty Cult Collection Box*

Latest in Beauty and Get the Gloss have never let me down. Their beauty boxes are some of the best out there. Not only because you know what will be inside the box before you receive it – helping you to decide if it’s for you – but because the products chosen are of such high quality. When Latest in Beauty and Get the Gloss get together, you know you’re going to receive a box crammed full of awesome products. Their Summer It Kit was a hit, so when they sent me their Cult Collection box I was brimming full of excitement.

Inside the box is…
+ Bee Good – Youthful Enhancing Lift and Brighten Eye 5ml
+ St Tropez – Gradual Tan In Shower Cream 50ml
+ Prismologie – Indigo Interlude Foot Cream & Pink O’Clock Hand & Cuticle Cream 2x10ml
+ Dr Lipp – Miracle Balm 15ml
+ NUDE Skincare – Skincare ProGenius Rescue Oil (800 ProGenius Treatment Oil) 5ml
+ Ciaté London – London Paint Pots – Mistress 13.5ml
+ Eyeko – Black Fat Liquid Eyeliner 3.5g

This is where I insert a gif of me clapping. Clapping to the majesty that is the Get the Gloss x Latest in Beauty Cult Collection Box. They’ve really outdone themselves this time. This is why I still have faith in beauty boxes. I’ve already started using the Dr Lipp and Eyeko products, and of course they’re amazing – I wouldn’t expect anything less from such well-known and loved products. As for the other items in the box, well I can’t wait to use those either, and I plan to take most of them to Italy this week. These really are the perfect travel size companions. Unfortunately I won’t be using the St Tropez lotion, however I will gift it to a friend who will get more use out of it. After all, it is a great brand, and the product itself looks promising. The box itself contains over £60 worth of products, and is priced at only £15.95. This is a collection of cult goodies, and it is certainly worth the price tag.

Head over to Latest in Beauty to purchase the Get the Gloss Cult Collection Box.

latest-in-beauty-get-the-gloss-cult-collection-2 latest-in-beauty-get-the-gloss-cult-collection

Introducing… EarlyBird Healthy Snacks

earlybird-healthy-snacks-box-3EarlyBird Healthy Snacks

We all know I have a penchant for subscription boxes, be them beauty or lifestyle. Healthy snack boxes are no different. The anticipation of receiving a variety of different snacks every week is just too much for me to pass up on. I’ve tried that well known snack box before, but became bored of it quickly. It also wasn’t too economical for me. However recently I heard about a new box on the block – EarlyBird.

What’s it all about?
 “deliver you 5 healthy tasty snacks and some delicious tea to help you through the working week. Keeping those 3pm craves at bay!” EarlyBird isn’t only about the food though. There is a lifestyle/design aspect to the boxes as well. You’ll find a different artist illustrating the box every month, and a different featured musician every other week (the music track is free to download via a code inside the box). All-in-all EB is quite different to the other snack subscription boxes out there.

I’m a savoury gal, so  for me there were just too many sweet snacks in this box. The menu features a lot of savoury options though, so I think I will stick around and see what I get next time. Right now there are no customisation options, but it is coming soon! In my opinion the art and music aspect of the box is an added bonus. This is no longer a regular snack box, it’s a lifestyle box. Price wise, £4.50 for one box a week – suggested by EarlyBird – is not bad at all. Of course if you’re like me you’ll probably get too excited and eat everything within a couple of days. Fear not though, you can order more than one box at a time. All boxes arrive on a Monday morning, so it’s worth having them delivered to your office. Maybe you can even create a little stockpile on your desk. I’m a serial snack hoarder, so it’s certainly something I would consider.

Fancy trying it for yourself? Visit EarlyBird and use code: emma-0548 – to get your first box free!

earlybird-healthy-snacks-box-2 earlybird-healthy-snacks-box-1earlybird-healthy-snacks-box


nailbox-may-2015-review-opi-orly-rimmel-essie-nail-polish-bloomzy-2 nailbox-may-2015-review-opi-orly-rimmel-essie-nail-polish-bloomzy-1 nailbox May 2015 Box*

Yes, nailbox is back with their May 2015 box. Unfortunately this box has sold out already, but I decided to review it anyway, so you can get an idea of what the June box may be like. You can also view my review of the first nailbox here. This box contains a nail tool and four full-size nail polishes from well-known industry brands: OPI, ORLY, Essie and Rimmel.

Inside the box is…
+ Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher & Nail Cleaner (around £10)
+ ORLY Fiery Orange Color Blast nail polish (£9.50)
+ Rimmel Lucky Lilac nail polish (around £2.99)
+ Nicole by OPI Modern Family Alex by the Books nail polish (around £7.99)
+ Essie Status Symbol nail polish (£7.99)

The packaging of the box was the same as before (a brown cardboard box), and the polishes were packaged safely inside. The total value of the May box comes to £34.47, so again you are getting more than your £15 worth. However I noticed that a few of the nail polishes included are from past collections, but unlike the last box I couldn’t find some of them online or in-store. Now whether you take this as a pro or con is up to you.

Would I purchase this? Not this particular box. The shades aren’t to my taste at all, but that’s not the fault of nailbox. I would have also liked to have seen a top coat of some kind. It seems odd to start a nail polish subscription box without one of the basic nail polish needs. However nailbox have hinted that a Seche Vite top coat will be in the next box. If that’s the case then I would definitely consider purchasing the next one.

You can sign up for the June 2015 box at nailbox.

Review: nailbox – A Nail Polish Subscription Box (April 2015)





nailbox April 2015 box*

I don’t know why there hasn’t been a nail polish subscription box before. Clearly nailbox have also picked up on this gap in the market, as they have brought us a brand new nail polish subscription box. The April box is limited to only 100 boxes, and it contains four full-size nail polishes from iconic industry brands: OPI, China Glaze, Essie and Revlon.

Inside the box is…
+ Essie nail file (£1.99)
+ China Glaze Peachy Keen nail polish (around £5)
+ Revlon Buttercup nail polish (£7.99)
+ OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips nail polish (£12)
+ Essie Muchi, Muchi nail polish (£7.99)

For a nail polish addict like me – or those who just want to discover some new polishes – this is a wonderful idea. The packaging of the box was pretty plain (a brown cardboard box), but the polishes were packaged safely inside at least. I noticed that the nail polishes included are from past collections (yet still on sale), but the shades are all pretty on-trend right now. I mean there are only so many colours, and the usual shades are on-trend year on year. So it doesn’t really matter whether these polishes are brand new to the market or not.

The total value of the box comes to £34.97, so you’re obviously getting your £15 back! At the end of the day, all I could ask for from a nail polish subscription box is in nailbox. Well known, quality brands: check. On-trend shades: check. Value for money: check. Would I purchase this? Yes, I definitely would!

You can purchase the April 2015 box at nailbox.

A Peek Inside… My Little Energy Box

my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-3 my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-6 my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-4 my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-5 my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-2 my-little-energy-box-january-2015-beauty-lifestyle-subscription-french-france-review-bloomzy-1

You may have noticed that I skipped reviewing the December My Little Box. That’s because I was left feeling pretty underwhelmed at the their lacklustre effort. Still, it’s a new year, which for some reason always makes people think that things will have drastically changed for the better. I too was holding out hope that My Little Energy Box (January 2015’s offering) would bring me something sparkly and fabulous. Boy was I wrong…

What was inside My Little Energy Box?
– Illustration by Kanako
– My Little World Magazine
– 2015 Illustrated Calendar (£10)
– My Little Sports Bag (£20)
– My Little Beauty Energising Mist (£7.50)
– Talika Photo Hydra Day (£43.50 for 50ml)
– Nails Inc Polish – Tate (£11)

What did I think?
If this box is any indicator of how I’ll be spending 2015, then kill me now. Seriously though, this is a pretty poor cliche attempt at a box. Sure we all eat a bit too much at Christmas and then promise ourselves that we’re suddenly going to turn into gym goddesses, but deep down we all know it’s not going to happen (for most of us anyway). This month’s box was not inspired nor inspiring. The barely there gym bag, and the flimsy calendar are enough to turn anyone away from the brand. These cheap items do not represent the My Little Box I have come to know and love. That said, I’ve always appreciated the prices listed by the items as it makes it much easier to see whether you’re getting your moneys worth. But £20 for the bag, and £10 for the calendar? You have got to be kidding me! Again, it was the beauty products that saved me from unsubscribing. The Nails Inc polish is clearly from a past collection as it features the old bottle design, however the colour is perfectly fitting for any season. Talika’s Photo Hydra Day is a promising little number for anyone who suffers from dehydrated skin, and the My Little Beauty Energising Mist smells even better than it feels on the skin…and it feels pretty good. Even so, the mist is the only beauty item that fits the ‘energy’ vibe and the whole box is a bit of a let down. The French version also received a Special K Energy bar, but was otherwise no different. Whilst the Japanese version received a couple of alternative beauty products alongside the mist, bag and calendar.

I’m currently at a lose with My Little Box – do I stick with them or do I say goodbye? I remember having such high hopes for the brand when they announced that they would be coming over to the UK, but that love is beginning to wane after a couple of dull months. I guess only time will tell…

A Peek Inside… My Little Cosy Box

This month’s theme is ‘My Little Cosy Box’. I was so excited when I heard of the theme, as like every other person in existence, I love Autumn. Autumn to me is a month to cosy up at home and relax, and I was so hoping that this month’s box would reflect that feeling…

What was inside My Little Cosy Box?
– Illustration by Kanako
– Espresso Cup designed by Kanako
– Tsumori Chisato ‘Hot Water Bottle’
– My Little Beauty Mascara
– Essie Nail Polish
– Star Liner Kohl Pencil
– My Little World Magazine

What did I think?
Unfortunately I don’t have too much to say about this month’s box as I am rather underwhelmed by it all. At first I was giddy at the sight of Tsumori Chisato’s name, but that quickly turned to disappointment when I realised that the ‘hot water bottle’ was no more than a relaxation pillow. After a long day at work it was a novelty for all of 5 minutes…before I realised I’d never use it again. The print was also a bit of a let down – it didn’t scream Tsumori Chisato like a lot of her work does – it just seemed very generic. As for the beauty products; I don’t use kohl eyeliner, and the Essie polish shade is off-season and just outright hideous (for my personal taste). I thought I had found my saving grace in the mascara though. It adds amazing length and volume…but smudges like no one’s business, which is a big turn off. Kanakos illustration and the ridiculously cute espresso cup are the only items I can see myself making use of. I don’t actually drink espresso but I have used it to store a candle on my office desk, whilst the print will go up on my wall. Overall this month’s box was a real let down, which says a lot when I hold My Little Box in such high esteem. It’s a shame, but hopefully December’s box will remind me of why I love the brand.

If you fancy subscribing yourself, head to My Little Box.

A Peek Inside… My Little Diane Von Furstenberg Box

my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy-kanako-illustration my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy-keratase-loccitane-hand-cream-eau-micellar-1 my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy-keratase-loccitane-hand-cream-eau-micellar my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy-1 my-little-diane-von-furstenberg-box-scarf-dvf-lifestyle-beauty-blog-blogger-monthly-subscription-box-review-french-france-bloomzy

Everyone knows the horror of coming home to find a ‘sorry we missed you’ note from the Royal Mail. Well I am not immune either it would seem, as I found out last week. I knew it had to be my October My Little Box. I rushed to the depot as soon as it opened the following day, and the relief I felt when my box was handed over to me was like nothing else. I think I’m hooked.

This month’s theme is ‘My Little Diane Von Furstenberg Box’. I wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard of the theme. DVF is a household designer name, yet for me all it brought to mind were images of wrap dresses. I wasn’t quite sure where they would go with this box. I didn’t hang around to find out…

What was inside My Little Diane Von Furstenberg Box?
– Illustration by Kanako
– Drawstring pouch
– DVF scarf
– DVF lips brooch
– My Little Beauty Eau Micellar
– Keratase Hairspray
– L’Occitane Hand Cream
– My Little World Magazine

What did I think?
Honestly I wasn’t looking forward to this box as much as last month’s, for the aforementioned reasons. Still I wanted to give the MLB team the benefit of the doubt. They’d done well by me last month, and I had faith that they would continue their winning streak. As I opened the box I was greeted by an array of gorgeous colours and patterns. The lip pin is adorable, and I can see it fitting in perfectly with my current love for monochrome. I wasn’t too keen on another travel size hair spray, but Keratase are a good brand at least. The eau micellar water (smells amazing by the way) and the L’Occitane vanilla hand cream are both perfect travel-size goodies. The pouch wasn’t as cute this time round, and Kananko’s illustration was ok, but not as cute as her previous ones. The magazine is a great read (love the scarf tutorial), and although I probably won’t use it, the DVF discount is a nice touch. The winning item for me? The scarf. At first I was a little disheartened that I hadn’t received the monochrome version, but truthfully this will look so much better paired with my outfits. It’s bold without being brash, and the colours which at first seemed daunting, are actually rather gorgeous. Ultimately the October My Little DVF Box falls into the goodie pile, mainly thanks to that gorgeous scarf.

If you fancy subscribing yourself, head to My Little Box.