Review: OGX Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner

No I haven’t started washing my hair with coconut water, like some rich eccentric old woman. OGX (formerly known as Organix) did notice though that people were loving coconut water for it’s hydrating abilities, so they they asked the question on everyone’s (read: mine) lips – why can’t it work outside of my body as well as inside? OGX’s Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner was born.

+ Stylish packaging
+ Smells nice
+ Shampoo lathers well and washes out easily
+ Conditioner isn’t heavy

– Took a while (a week or so of using it) for my hair to feel hydrated

Coconut water/oil is known for it’s natural hydrating abilities, so it only makes sense that OGX decided to add it to their growing collection of hair care products. The packaging on the products is stylish and simple, and I love the blurb stating the benefits. The shampoo lathers well and washes out easily, whilst the conditioner is light and doesn’t weigh my fine hair down. Usually I would only apply it to the ends of my hair, but this conditioner is light enough to put all over. Unfortunately at the begining I didn’t find that the two worked well enough together to hydrate my hair as much as I would like. I put this down to my naturally dry hair, so I used them alongside the OGX coconut water hair spray to perk up the dry bits. At £6.99 each they are averagely priced. However I would have to think about whether I would purchase them as I need to use them with another product.

You can buy OGX’s Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner at Boots.