The Bloggers Cake School with Konditor and Cook

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My baking skills have drastically improved in the past few years, although I still have a long way to go. If I had to sum up my baking technique it would be all substance and no style. For all of the delicious cookies I have made, there are a ton of badly decorated cakes. As happy as I am with my technique, I would love to be able to create something beautiful too. So when Nuffnang invited me to a bloggers cake school event with Konditor & Cook, I knew I had to say yes.

We started the evening with a short introduction to Konditor and Cook. One I did not actually need, as I am a regular customer at their stores. Even so it was lovely to hear how passionate the brand is about bringing delicious food to their customers. Laure was our teacher for the evening, and she began by showing us how to create a pipping bag from scratch and how to do some basic piping techniques – among them, hearts and calligraphy. Of course we all got stuck in straightaway, practising on a few biscuits Laure had given us. I tried my hand at creating a gingerbread self-portrait…until I ran out of icing and gave up. I don’t think I did too bad (just look at that pout), but it’s safe to say my fellow bloggers definitely showed me up. Still, I was optimistic about my cake…

The Curly Wurly cake is definitely one of my favourites at Konditor & Cook. I can’t even begin to describe how deliciously chocolatey and indulgent it is. Everyone really must try it! I decided to go for a chic, minimalist design for the top of my Curly Wurly cake, so I went for polka dots (read: I wanted to do the least amount of damage possible)! The final product didn’t turn out too bad, and when I shared it with friends the next day they were all too busy saying how delicious it was to bother with the decoration. Luckily I was saved by K&C’s expert baking!

I had a wonderful time at the first Bloggers Cake School and I left feeling that my decoration skills had certainly improved. Now I just need to get practising at home on my own creations. Luckily I left with Konditor and Cook’s new recipe book Deservedly Legendary Baking, and a few treats to nibble on whilst I plan my next big bake!