Now Open: Muji – Islington N1 Store, North London

On Thursday I headed to the Muji Islington N1 press event, which was held just before the customer opening event. This is the first Muji store to come to North London, and I know I am not the only one who is happy with this. You may be sat here right now scratching your head and saying “But Emma, the store has been open since last weekend?!” Well yes, you’d be correct, but Muji decided that it would be better to hold their event a few days later.  When I arrived I noticed a few people had already started queuing, and I was told that the customers are so dedicated they had started queuing over an hour before the event. Now that’s brand loyalty!
The new store has taken a lot of inspiration from the newer London stores, and from their stores in Japan. In fact they even had some of the Muji Japan team come over to give the finishing touches to the store. Looking outside in, the store looks classic and high-end. It’s slightly misleading as the store seems very small from the outside, however the team have made the most of the two floors and the fixtures, leaving the store looking more than spacious inside. The store has a great selection of Muji’s stock, which delighted me greatly; the storage, travel and candle selection is particularly impressive.
Muji is the perfect brand for those who live a modern, urban lifestyle. Selling high quality, minimalistic items from Japan, that could easily rival it’s competitors – I’m looking at you Sweden! I personally adore their storage items, and the little bits and bobs that make my home look better, and run easier. I’ve never bought any of their clothing (they sell women’s & men’s), but I was impressed with their use of French linen, and the quality tailoring of their basics. It’s safe to say I will be back again, and again, to the new Muji Islington N1 store.
Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel for my Muji haul video, coming soon!