Nuffnang’s 1st Birthday Party

On Saturday afternoon someone let a bunch of bloggers, including myself, lose on the rooftop of Netil House (Netil 360 to be exact). It’s ok, don’t worry, we were given plenty of food and drinks to keep us happy (and snapping photos). Yes, it was Nuffnang’s First Birthday celebrations and we were ready to party!

There were props a plenty, so me, AlexHoney & Jesse took full advantage. In blogger terms that means a mini photo shoot! So we pranced and posed all over the rooftop with the colourful balloons Nuffnang had provided us. After we had exhausted ourselves and our cameras, we retired to the shade to sip on Pimms and chat with our fellow bloggers. It was so lovely to finally meet Marlene, and catch-up with StephSarahSaraHollyAngela…there’s just too many wonderful Nuffnangers to keep up with! Time flew by as we laughed and swapped anecdotes. We worked up quite the appetite during the day, but thankfully Club Mexicana were on hand to serve us delicious vegan tacos. I am a meat eater, but I adore vegetarian and vegan food, and I was not let down by these tacos. They were scrumptiously spicy, and left me wanting more! Still, after so much savoury food I had room for a little something sweet. Thankfully the amazing Victoria Yum was at Netil Market, which just so happened to be directly below us. So I told everyone about her and convinced them to come down with me and buy up all of her cupcakes!

I’ve wanted to be a member of Nuffnang ever since I found out my girl Cheesie was with them. Unfortunately at that time they were only in Asia. Naturally as soon as I found out they were in the UK I joined straight away! Nuffnang may have only been around in the UK for one year, but they are already pros at hosting events. I feel so relaxed with them, and I know that they would gladly help me (and the others) if I ever needed it. Not only that, but Jesse has already become a good friend of mine – she inspires me so much and I truly believe that we were meant to meet. So thank you Nuffnang, for inspiring me in blogging, helping me meet so many amazing people, and for hosting us at your first birthday party. May it be the first of many!