Review: Illamasqua Shattered Star Marquise Nail Polish

Orange nail polish isn’t really something I’ve gone out of my way to wear. So when Illamasqua sent me their new Shattered Star Marquise Nail Polish, I internally thanked them for helping me to try something new and fun. There are actually two other shades in the Glamore collection; a champagne, and a pink – both of which are glitter polishes, like Marquise. Illamasqua claim that Marquise is highly pigmented, chip resistant and has a multi-dimensional glitter finish. Well I have a little something to say about that…
Subtle triangle nail art and swatch, using Illamasqua’s Marquise
+ Highly pigmented
+ Chip resistant
+ Applies easily
+ Love the packaging
+ Long lasting
+ Opaque in one coat

– Could dry quicker

As you guessed, I don’t really have anything bad to say about this polish. Yes it does everything it claims to, and it does it with flare. Application can be something which a lot of brands go wrong on. Thanks to a good quality polish and brush Illamasqua has it down to a t. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I’ve never been a fan of orange polishes. Illamasqua may just have changed that though as Marquise is a gorgeous, highly pigmented glitter polish that looks amazing on. I really like the other shades in this collection (Trilliant & Fire Rose), but for me, Marquise is just so striking that it stands out from the rest. I can’t explain exactly how the glitter can have a multi-dimensional finish, because I don’t even fully understand that myself, but it does! It’s something unlike any other glitter polish I’ve used before. No it doesn’t dry in an instant, but then it doesn’t take a lifetime either; it just takes about as long as any other standard polish. I love Illamasqua for their high quality, highly-pigmented make-up products and this polish lives up to all of those. For £15 it may seem like a lot, but a little goes a long way (it’s opaque in one coat), and it really is worth paying for this kind of quality.
Marquise is currently out of stock on Illamasqua‘s website, however it is also available in-store.