Where to Eat in London: Violet Cakes

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Violet’s is a well known cafe hidden in the heart of Dalston. You may have visited their stall on Broadway market on a lively Saturday. I headed to Violet’s cafe with my fiancé on a warm, Spring Saturday afternoon.

The first thing I noticed was how small the cafe was, and it’s surroundings. I know Dalston houses a variety of small establishments, but I wasn’t expecting to find a teeny tiny cafe in the middle of some houses. That didn’t dent my eagerness though as we snatched a seat from someone who was just leaving. Luckily the weather was gorgeous so we were fine sitting outside, however if it hadn’t been I fear our journey may have ended there, as there is no indoor seating. Inside the staff were busy making cakes and serving customers takeaway delicacies in little monogrammed paper bags. The staff were friendly, although noticeably rushed, however they didn’t let it affect them. We ordered some tea, and two toasties, as I’d heard from a friend that the toasties at Violet’s were pretty scrumptious. I loved the crockery that everything was served on, and it felt so in tune with the cafe – very granny-chic. Our toasties were as delicious as we’d been promised, if a little bit greasy for my tastes. Although the side of cornichons made me incredibly happy – they’re a favourite of mine. We left soon after but didn’t leave without grabbing a mini cupcake and whoopie pie for the walk home. The cakes have made Violet’s famous, and are why their Broadway market stall is sold out every weekend. So did they live up to their high standards? They certainly did. The cakes were moist, full of flavour and we devoured them in a second!

I can definitely see myself going back and buying more of Violet’s cakes.
They’d be absolutely perfect for a picnic in London Fields on a gorgeous Spring day.

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