Primark’s Must-Have New Beauty Travel Bag!

Lorna and I went on a bit of a Primark binge yesterday. We spent about an hour wandering around the Tottenham Court road store. After trying on all of the items we had hoarded, we decided to hit the beauty section. I wasn’t after a new beauty bag, but I did think my Whistles one was looking a bit meh. Then I saw this. You know when you find that gem amongst the rough of Primark items? Yeah that. I just loved everything about it, and I automatically began searching for an E. The polka dots. The gold letter monogram on the front. The double zips. It’s perfect. I can see this featuring on a lot of dressers, in bags, and on everyone’s Instagram. I fit all my necessities inside such as my lipsticks, lip balm, mirror, perfume etc. The double pockets mean you’re able to fit a whole bunch of stuff inside of it. It’s useful, chic and fun, with a design that will appeal to most people.
They seemed to have most letters available but certain ones were a bit sparse. 
So head to your local Primark to grab one before they go!!