Haul: Sugarpill Cosmetics

I have followed Sugarpill since the brand started, and love their products. So when I won a $100 gift voucher from Shopify I already knew what I wanted.
Sugarpill have recently released a new set of brushes and I happened to be in need of some. All 4 of the brushes are Vegan friendly, and the set includes a lip brush, precision eyeliner brush, a tapered blending brush, and a large eyeshadow brush. They’re sold separately but I bought the set, as I needed them all, and you end up saving a bit of money too. The brushes are adorably branded and are great quality. Of course I couldn’t be without some make-up from Sugarpill, and the cold chemistry shades were calling me. I did consider the palette but knew I wouldn’t use the purple or black shades, but luckily for me they’re also sold separately – I choose Diamond Eyes (a bright, satin white) and Subterranean (a gorgeous, peacock green). I’ll be reviewing them soon, so keep an eye out!
I did also order another item for a blog giveaway (I wanted to share the love), but there was actually a mistake and it wasn’t put in with my package. I have to commend Sugarpill here though because I sent them an email as soon as I realised, and they replied the same day apologising and letting me know it had been sent out. Now that is excellent customer service, and the perfect way to deal with a problem. So you guys will get your giveaway soon!
You can purchase all of these items at Sugarpill.