Haul: Sugarpill Cosmetics

I have followed Sugarpill since the brand started, and love their products. So when I won a $100 gift voucher from Shopify I already knew what I wanted.
Sugarpill have recently released a new set of brushes and I happened to be in need of some. All 4 of the brushes are Vegan friendly, and the set includes a lip brush, precision eyeliner brush, a tapered blending brush, and a large eyeshadow brush. They’re sold separately but I bought the set, as I needed them all, and you end up saving a bit of money too. The brushes are adorably branded and are great quality. Of course I couldn’t be without some make-up from Sugarpill, and the cold chemistry shades were calling me. I did consider the palette but knew I wouldn’t use the purple or black shades, but luckily for me they’re also sold separately – I choose Diamond Eyes (a bright, satin white) and Subterranean (a gorgeous, peacock green). I’ll be reviewing them soon, so keep an eye out!
I did also order another item for a blog giveaway (I wanted to share the love), but there was actually a mistake and it wasn’t put in with my package. I have to commend Sugarpill here though because I sent them an email as soon as I realised, and they replied the same day apologising and letting me know it had been sent out. Now that is excellent customer service, and the perfect way to deal with a problem. So you guys will get your giveaway soon!
You can purchase all of these items at Sugarpill.

Sugarpill Cosmetics

Today I want to introduce my new affiliate, the American brand Sugarpill Cosmetics.
I’ve been a fan of the brand since their small beginnings, which have now lead to a very big hype.
I remember following the founder Amy (Shrinkle) on her blog and eBay, where she first started selling her creations. The brand itself was only born though in 2010 when Amy decided to take more control, and things expanded from there. 
If you’ve followed IMATS in the last couple of years and managed to miss Sugarpill…shame on you!
Sugarpill sell amazingly pigmented pressed and loose shadows (in matte & glitter) along with crazy dramatic false lashes.
I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to bright shadows, but I am absolutely in love with their loose shadows!
So even if you’re not a fan of bright, dramatic eye make-up there is a colour and shadow for everyone.
As a long time fan, I’m very happy to be a part of the Sugarpill affiliate team.
You can find their banner (featuring the gorgeous Amelia Arsenic) on the sidebar.
You can browse the website here.
Sugarpill ship worldwide!