London Fashion Week: My Favourite Looks from Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique is one catwalk I tune into for London Fashion Week.
The clothing may be slightly more expensive than the usual Topshop wear, but it’s accessible.
This year, as well as being available to view online, Topshop also took to the world of virtual reality.
A few lucky fashion lovers were able to pop on their headsets and become immersed in the show like never before.
Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t one of them. Instead I sat and watched the show on my iPad, from my sofa.
That didn’t mean I couldn’t still see all the awesome creations that Topshop Unique will be releasing this A/W though.
This collection mainly brought blues, mustard yellows, blacks, greys and browns.
Their previous collections have bored me slightly with their use of whites and nudes.
Yet I love the colours they’ve used this year and I think they’ll sit happily in a lot of wardrobes.
Some of the creations were reminiscent of something I’m almost certain my mum owned in the 70s.
That doesn’t mean they weren’t fabulous though, and only a few brought to mind some older styles.
Most of the collection featured Unique (see what I did there?) takes on modern styling though.
There was also a lot of oversized items, faux-fur and leather littering the bodies of the models.
Nothing too adventurous, but again, easy to layer and work into a lot of different styles.

I’m excited to see these hit the Topshop stores and website later this year.

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