Superhero or Super Villain? | London Fashion Week OOTD

london fashion weekCoat: Urban Outfitters* | Jumpsuit: Topshop | Boots: ASOS

Part of the fun of London Fashion Week is going out in your Sunday best. Dressing up, and seeing if you get papped…snapped…Instagrammed? Photo sharing platforms aside, I genuinely love dressing up, so LFW is a lot of fun for me. I’ve had a couple of photos taken in the past, but I can’t honestly say I’ve turned heads. Not the way I did when I wore this little number, whilst wandering around Soho a couple of weekends ago. Is it the coat? Is it the hair? Is it the daring cleavage I’m flaunting? Who knows!

For such a simple get up, I felt pretty stylish. My trusty Topshop jumpsuit and ASOS boots were the basis for this look, but I couldn’t resist throwing on this (deep emerald green) Urban Outfitters coat when I saw it. The coat had me feeling like a superhero, what with the way it swished as I walked down the street. But maybe my look was more fitting of a super villain with this particular hair style? After all, everyone knows villains are always more stylish…

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Thanks to V.A (Chopstickpanorama) for the photos of me.

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A London Life… at London Fashion Week

london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-wellaThe Apartment | London Fashion Week SS16

London Fashion Week. You may have seen my last round up of it, earlier this week. I can’t believe it was three weeks ago already! But could I go back and do it all over again? Would I hang out at The Apartment and have my hair done by Wella again? Hell yeah! Would I shove myself through hoards of fashion-y types? Maybe. More importantly, would I ever want to set eyes on Brewer Street car park again? Yeah, probably not. But you gotta take the highs with the lows. After all that’s part of the fun of London Fashion Week, right?

So what did I get up to on the Saturday? There was… hair styling; at The Apartment. Plenty of wandering around the Royal Academy of Arts, thanks to Open House London. Where we also happened to take some outfit shots. And of course there was some more nibbling of sweet treats, courtesy of Aubaine. It’s such a shame I wasn’t able to continue my adventure on the Sunday, but I had a pretty awesome time whilst it lasted. You can see the rest of my London fashion week adventures on the blog though.

Thanks to V.A (Chopstickpanorama) for the photos of me.

london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-aspinal-of-london london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-aspinal-of-london-1 london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-aubaine london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-royal-academy-of-arts london-fashion-week-ss16-the-apartment-aubaine-1

A London Life… at London Fashion Week

london-fashion-week-the-apartment-1The Apartment | London Fashion Week SS16

London Fashion Week. Yes, only two weeks ago it was that time of year again. The time when the “fashionistas” dust off their extravagant hats, pop on their wildest outfits and head to the HQ of fashion. Brewer Street car park. Wait, what?! It very well may have been controversial to move from Somerset House to Brewer Street car park, but alas move it did. This season, London saw hives of fashion lovers descend upon Soho. Models, designers and bloggers alike took the area by storm. And it was a little crowded to say the least.

What did I get up to? Well actually I got up to a lot over the weekend. So much so that I plan to do another post on my shenanigans. To sum it up? There was… relaxing; at The Apartment. Which included… pampering; courtesy of Jurlique, and food/cocktails; courtesy of Aubaine, Krispy Kreme and Aperol Spritz. And those are just the brands featured in this post! Yes, we were spoilt rotten. Don’t worry though I worked off most of the sugar glaze and alcohol by running around doing photoshoots and attending shows such as Sadie Clayton‘s (love THAT bomber jacket).

Thank you to The Apartment & Dina Tsesarsky for the photos of me & V.A.

london-fashion-week-the-apartment-krispy-kreme-doughnuts-donuts london-fashion-week-the-apartment london-fashion-week-the-apartment-jurlique london-fashion-week-the-apartment-boohoolondon-fashion-week-the-apartment-aubaine

OOTD: London Fashion Week SS16

ootd-london-fashion-week-zara-bucket-bag-6Sleeveless Duster: Topshop | Draped Top: Zara | Chelsea Boots: ASOS | Bucket Bag: Zara

How do you stay fashionable and comfortable during London Fashion Week? Honestly I thought it was impossible. I spent a good 30 minutes trying on outfit combo after outfit combo on Saturday morning. I was feeling bloated – thanks for visiting at such a great time Mother Nature – and wanted something I didn’t feel rubbish in. For me that solution was layers, and lots of them!

I’m currently in the middle of having another love affair with Zara. I’d gone off the brand for a while. But now they’re back on form, and bringing out products that are better than ever. This draped top is equal parts fashion and function. Paired with a waterfall sleeveless duster I almost look like I’m trying. Then there’s the bag. THIS BAG! Oh my god. I fell in love at first sight (thanks to V.A for pointing it out). Yes it does look like THAT designer, but I think Zara have actually one upped the original. Funny anecdote, I happened to be walking next to someone with the original, during LFW. People actually thought mine was the original, and commented on how much nicer it was. I managed to fit my DSLR, phone and purse in here, with plenty of room to spare. This bucket bag is magical. It just goes to show you that designer does not always trump high street.

Thank you to V.A who took the photos of me.

ootd-london-fashion-week-zara-bucket-bag-5 ootd london fashion week zara bucket bag 1 ootd-london-fashion-week-zara-bucket-bag-4ootd-london-fashion-week-zara-bucket-bag-3ootd-london-fashion-week-zara-bucket-bag-2 ootd-london-fashion-week-asos-chelsea-boots-4

Yauatcha x Charlie May | London Fashion Week

yauatcha-charlie-may-collaboration-london-fashion-week-0Yauatcha x Charlie May London Fashion Week Collaboration*

Food and fashion – in my opinion – don’t mix enough. But then of course I would say that about two of my life passions. So when the two do eventually come together, I am very gleeful indeed. Luckily for me, one of my recent faves Yauatcha, have done just that. To celebrate London Fashion Week’s move to Soho, Yauatcha have collaborated with fashion designer Charlie May. The collaboration includes 4 brand new macarons, and a petit gateau (based on Charlie’s fabrics).

Cinnamon and raisin – cinnamon ganache with a pedro ximenez raisin compote and cinnamon crumble.
Black sesame – black sesame ganache with toasted black sesame seeds.
Blackcurrant cheesecake – cheesecake cream with a blackcurrant pate du fruit.
Smoked salt caramel – smoked salted ganache with a salted caramel centre.

Petit Gateau:
Gianduja lemon petit gateau – Gianduja mousse, layered with hazelnut and almond daquoise and centred with lemon crème.

During the rush of London Fashion Week, these were a life saver; V.A and I were running in-between photoshoots and shows, trying to keep our energy up. So we grabbed some macarons and a petit gateau from Yauatcha, before heading round the corner to The Apartment (where I shot these photos). The cake is spectacular in looks and taste – the light, crisp outer shell encompasses a slightly tart lemon centre. A smooth and sophisticated dessert. Let’s be realistic though, you all want to know how the macarons were. I’ve come to love Yauatcha’s macarons, and I personally think they’re the best in London (for taste, and price). Their latest offering is very unique, featuring smokey flavours and dark aesthetics, among others. The Cinnamon and Raisin Macaron was my favourite by far, but then I am a big fan of spices in puddings. However I appreciated the diverse use of ingredients. I honestly can’t say I’ve tried anything like these before.

Walking in to The Apartment with my Yauatcha bag, everyone asked “Is that the Charlie May collaboration!?” It seems as though I’m not the only one who enjoys a good mash-up between fashion and food. Whilst me and V.A enjoyed our macarons and cake with a coffee, I realised that we are two very lucky ladies. Being able to do (and eat) the things I love makes me very happy, especially when it’s in the company of good friends. Yo ho, a blogger’s life for me!

The Yauatcha x Charlie May collaboration is available now, until 27th September.
Macarons are priced at £1.80 each, and the Petit Gateau is £5.90 (£8.80 a la carte).

yauatcha-charlie-may-collaboration-london-fashion-week-2 yauatcha-charlie-may-collaboration-london-fashion-week-1yauatcha-charlie-may-collaboration-london-fashion-week-4

London Fashion Week: My Favourite Looks from Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique is one catwalk I tune into for London Fashion Week.
The clothing may be slightly more expensive than the usual Topshop wear, but it’s accessible.
This year, as well as being available to view online, Topshop also took to the world of virtual reality.
A few lucky fashion lovers were able to pop on their headsets and become immersed in the show like never before.
Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t one of them. Instead I sat and watched the show on my iPad, from my sofa.
That didn’t mean I couldn’t still see all the awesome creations that Topshop Unique will be releasing this A/W though.
This collection mainly brought blues, mustard yellows, blacks, greys and browns.
Their previous collections have bored me slightly with their use of whites and nudes.
Yet I love the colours they’ve used this year and I think they’ll sit happily in a lot of wardrobes.
Some of the creations were reminiscent of something I’m almost certain my mum owned in the 70s.
That doesn’t mean they weren’t fabulous though, and only a few brought to mind some older styles.
Most of the collection featured Unique (see what I did there?) takes on modern styling though.
There was also a lot of oversized items, faux-fur and leather littering the bodies of the models.
Nothing too adventurous, but again, easy to layer and work into a lot of different styles.

I’m excited to see these hit the Topshop stores and website later this year.

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London Fashion Week: Opening Ceremony x René Magritte Collaboration

I’m an art lover, especially surrealist art.
So of course I got more than a little excited with this London Fashion Week collab.
Unfortunately I am stuck at home sick, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still blog about it.
Opening Ceremony’s latest collaboration is with the Magritte Foundation.
A Women’s (and Men’s) ready-to-wear collection will feature Magritte-inspired imagery.
It doesn’t end with dresses or shirts though, as three big-name shoe brands get in on the collab too.
Manolo Blahnik, Birkenstocks, and Vans will all be getting a piece of the action, with a capsule collection.
The previews are already coming out thick and fast and I for one can’t get enough of it!
Being a fan of Magritte’s work adds a little extra something to an already amazing collection.
I already have my eyes on the Vans on the bottom left, and pretty much all of the clothing.
This is a fun, yet insightful collaboration, which will certainly be turning heads…disembodied or not.
The collection will be available in Opening Ceremony stores from May.
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