Review: Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Hand Cream

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Hand Cream*
I’ve not reviewed many hand creams on here, which is odd as I’m always using one.
I’ve used face products by Australian Bodycare before so that’s why I thought I would review theirs.
This particular cream is for all skin types, even sensitive, and includes tea tree and Argan oil.
There are no added perfumes and it is completely paraben free.
+ Paraben free
+ Moisturising
+ Leaves my hands hydrated for several hours
+ Applies well and soaks in after a minute or two
+ Strong smell of tea tree oil
– Strong smell of tea tree oil
– Leaves hands slightly greasy for a few minutes after applying
You may have noticed one of those pros and cons is the same in both categories. That’s because I can’t stand the smell of tea tree oil (after using it for years as a kid). However my fiancé absolutely loves the smell. As a hand cream to use at home I really like this as it moisturises and leaves my hands feeling hydrated for several hours. The only reason I wouldn’t carry this with me though is because it does take a minute to soak in, and you are left with a slightly greasy feeling on your hands for a few minutes after applying it. This just makes it a little difficult if you want to handle something straight away after, like your phone. Still, this is a good basic hand cream and is definitely one for those who love tea tree oil as a main ingredient. Priced at around £7, this is a bit too high for a cream that I’m not won over by the smell of. That might sound odd but smell is a big seller for me in hand creams. It is a little hard to find in stores, and you’re actually more likely to find it in your local spa. However you can find it online.
You can purchase Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Hand Cream at Feel Unique.