My New Custom iPhone Case by Roxie Sweetheart

After lusting after Roxie’s iPhone cases for a while, I finally took the plunge.
I asked her if she would make a custom case just for me (I know, I’m awkward).
Luckily for me she takes orders for bespoke cases, so all I really had to do was wait!
It was done pretty quickly, even though she had to wait for a few supplies to arrive first. 
Roxie was kind enough to send me mock ups of what it would look like with different designs etc.
I thought that was really sweet and also very helpful in order to  achieve the perfect case for me.
I fell for this one though as soon as I saw it – I just love the kitty, stars, flowers and little sassy lady.
It’s kinda nice to know I have a case that no one else has. Can you say special snowflake syndrome anyone?
Check out what’s new on Roxie Sweetheart or grab a phone case here.
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