My New Custom iPhone Case by Roxie Sweetheart

After lusting after Roxie’s iPhone cases for a while, I finally took the plunge.
I asked her if she would make a custom case just for me (I know, I’m awkward).
Luckily for me she takes orders for bespoke cases, so all I really had to do was wait!
It was done pretty quickly, even though she had to wait for a few supplies to arrive first. 
Roxie was kind enough to send me mock ups of what it would look like with different designs etc.
I thought that was really sweet and also very helpful in order to  achieve the perfect case for me.
I fell for this one though as soon as I saw it – I just love the kitty, stars, flowers and little sassy lady.
It’s kinda nice to know I have a case that no one else has. Can you say special snowflake syndrome anyone?
Check out what’s new on Roxie Sweetheart or grab a phone case here.
Also, get 15% off when you spend £30 or more with code: ROXIELOVE15

Wish List: Happy Halloween

Halloween Wishlist

My Halloween Inspired Wishlist

Today may be Halloween but I intend to keep the spirit alive for as long as possible.
That’s why I did my first wish list in a very long time, and it’s Halloween inspired!
I’ve included pieces from some of my favourite stores, brands and designers:
Stay spooky everyone!

If you’d like to find out where you can buy the items above, they are all listed here.
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Wishlist: Roxie Sweetheart

A selection of items on my wishlist, from Roxie Sweetheart
Do you remember Roxie Sweetheart from my Hyper Japan post?
After visiting the stall at the event I couldn’t stop thinking about the brand.
Pastel, sparkles, unicorns, kittens and more…is it any wonder it was love at first sight?
The pieces are actually influenced by Tokyo street style, manga and artists such as Walt Disney & Junko Mizuno.
Even though my personal style has evolved, I still love pieces influenced by Japan & Tokyo street style.
It’s true, every now and then I like to accessorise with small pieces that add to my eclectic style.
I picked a small selection of items that I have been lusting over on the Roxie Sweetheart store.
I’m a sucker for anything pastel, especially things that put pastel and adorably cute animals together, hence the Kitten and Bambi brooches being on my list. I also love oversized statement pieces that will frame a blouse or t-shirt perfectly, so I’ve been checking out the Bird & Heart Locket Necklace, as well as the Lilac Chain Bracelet. I mentioned sparkles too didn’t I? Well that’s where the Crystalized Lip Rings come into play, for an added bit of ‘bling bling’. Last but certainly not least, I fell for the Kyary Hairbows. Why? Well they happen to go with a little suttin’ suttin’ that I purchased at Hyper Japan from Roxie Sweetheart – keep your eyes peeled for a blog post soon!
Why not browse Roxie Sweetheart yourself and make your own wishlist?
Or maybe indulge in a few pieces?
Check out the store here.
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