Mini Haul: Warm & Stylish

As I was back in Norwich this weekend I decided to visit Primark.
It’s not great compared to the London stores but it’s usually a lot calmer.
Well I was wrong in thinking I’d have a nice relaxing browse this time round.
My haul is actually pretty small as I just couldn’t bare the crowds for long enough.
Still, I managed to pick up some cute and cuddly items to add to my A/W wardrobe.
Yes, I did buy another fluffy cardigan, although this one is longer than my other.
I also wanted one in this green as I adore the colour and how it looks with my hair.
I was considering the cheetah (leopard?) tights for quite a while but just went for them.
At least the crowds made me more impulsive, as I’m usually a dreadfully annoying shopper.
The rose tights were right next door to the others and just looked so cute and warm.
All 3 of these for under £20 isn’t bad either, is it? Good ol’ Primark.