Styling Topman’s ‘His and Her’ Collection

Myself and the fiancé wearing a t-shirt and hoodie from Topman*

Recently I was contacted by Topman about a very cool new campaign they are working on.
The ‘His and Her’ Collection aims to promote Topman’s various unisex items – pretty cool, right?
I often go into Topman with the fiancé and fancy picking out a bunch of stuff for myself as well.
So you can guess that I was pretty hyped to take part in the campaign, as it’s right up my street!
Scrolling through the Topman website and picking a few pieces wasn’t easy either.
I thought I’d be able to find one or two pieces I might want, but ended up with a basket full.
Of course I had to narrow my selection down eventually and I went for these two amazing pieces.
I choose them a couple of sizes larger than I would usually, as I love the oversized ‘boyfriend’ look.
That also came in pretty handy when I decided to pop them on the fiancé. 
Did you spot the fiancé expertly modelling in those last couple of photos? 
I wanted to show how versatile Topman’s clothing really is, so I asked him to get involved too.
We had a bit of a laugh as we switched clothes (and the camera) halfway through the photo shoot.
I still think I look better (maybe I’m biased), but I’ll admit that they looked pretty good on him too.
This has definitely given me the kick I needed to buy more ‘guys’ clothing and work it myself.