October ‘Dark Romance’ Glossybox 2013 & Why I Will Be Cancelling My Subscription

October ‘Dark Romance’ Glossybox 2013

My never ending inner battle with Glossybox continues. I haven’t ordered one since May 2012 after I ended my subscription. Why? I was unimpressed with the products, boxes and lack of personalisation. So why buy another one? Good question! Well I liked, no loved, the sound of ‘Dark Romance’. I wear red lips everyday and love a ‘gothic’ vibe to my make-up so I re-subscribed for it. Glossybox promised “gothic beauty, sensual scents, blood red lips and smokey eyes”. Hmm well I don’t know about you but I’m not feeling that from the box above.

What was wrong with the box?
+ The MeMeMe Cheek & Lip Tint, is the only plus about this box, and it’s full size too.
– However those PRESS ON nails? They’re more beauty pageant than gothic Princess, don’t you think?
you could get for free just by asking at any perfume counter.
– The primer isn’t so bad, but I don’t use them really and I don’t see the link to the theme.
– Finally the smoothing skin serum – again, not connected to the theme at all.

Why am I cancelling my subscription?
Glossybox just haven’t improved over the years unfortunately.

If you’re going to do a theme, do it justice, don’t do it halfheartedly. And that’s what this box is, it’s a very vague halfhearted attempt at ‘Dark Romance’. They’ve also been promising from the beginning that boxes would end up being personalised. The whole point is to receive a box of products/samples tailored to your loves, likes and dislikes. Yet they still haven’t listened or improved on the never ending complaints about them not using it. You only need to visit the Glossybox Facebook page to see ‘fans’ saying they’re cancelling their subscription. I also had problems with their customer service team not replying to my emails, which is a bit of a let down. This is really sad and I don’t want to start a boycott of Glossybox or anything but I feel it needs to be said. The company hasn’t improved from what I’ve received myself and have seen others receiving. Nor does it seem to be learning from it’s past mistakes, which everyone knows is vital. I was really hoping to be impressed and fall back in love with this box/Glossybox. I guess that didn’t happen though.