October ‘Dark Romance’ Glossybox 2013 & Why I Will Be Cancelling My Subscription

October ‘Dark Romance’ Glossybox 2013

My never ending inner battle with Glossybox continues. I haven’t ordered one since May 2012 after I ended my subscription. Why? I was unimpressed with the products, boxes and lack of personalisation. So why buy another one? Good question! Well I liked, no loved, the sound of ‘Dark Romance’. I wear red lips everyday and love a ‘gothic’ vibe to my make-up so I re-subscribed for it. Glossybox promised “gothic beauty, sensual scents, blood red lips and smokey eyes”. Hmm well I don’t know about you but I’m not feeling that from the box above.

What was wrong with the box?
+ The MeMeMe Cheek & Lip Tint, is the only plus about this box, and it’s full size too.
– However those PRESS ON nails? They’re more beauty pageant than gothic Princess, don’t you think?
you could get for free just by asking at any perfume counter.
– The primer isn’t so bad, but I don’t use them really and I don’t see the link to the theme.
– Finally the smoothing skin serum – again, not connected to the theme at all.

Why am I cancelling my subscription?
Glossybox just haven’t improved over the years unfortunately.

If you’re going to do a theme, do it justice, don’t do it halfheartedly. And that’s what this box is, it’s a very vague halfhearted attempt at ‘Dark Romance’. They’ve also been promising from the beginning that boxes would end up being personalised. The whole point is to receive a box of products/samples tailored to your loves, likes and dislikes. Yet they still haven’t listened or improved on the never ending complaints about them not using it. You only need to visit the Glossybox Facebook page to see ‘fans’ saying they’re cancelling their subscription. I also had problems with their customer service team not replying to my emails, which is a bit of a let down. This is really sad and I don’t want to start a boycott of Glossybox or anything but I feel it needs to be said. The company hasn’t improved from what I’ve received myself and have seen others receiving. Nor does it seem to be learning from it’s past mistakes, which everyone knows is vital. I was really hoping to be impressed and fall back in love with this box/Glossybox. I guess that didn’t happen though.

Review: Glossybox 1 Year Anniversary Box

This month saw Glossybox have their 1 year anniversary…birthday? 
I’m not sure which is more fitting, but they celebrated anyway and sent out a ‘special’ box.
I received:
+ Lolita Lempicka – Eau de Parfum & Si Lolita
+ Glossybox Mirror & Balloon
What were my thoughts on the box?
Honestly I was underwhelmed. I’m sorry to say it.
I thought this was supposed to be a celebratory box, but it just seemed like any other.
I suppose the balloon and mirror added a little something extra, but it didn’t win me over.
I just bought myself a new mirror, which wasn’t cheap, so I have no use for this one unfortunately.
I always love perfume samples, so I was happy to receive a couple in this box.
I also liked the addition of the cucumber facial mask and hair treatment oil.
I already have a full bottle of Argan Oil which will easily last me, but it’s difficult to take when I travel. 
So that was very welcome.
As for the eyelashes, they’re not my style, but if they’re yours I’m selling them here.
And finally another shower gel?! There has been a shower gel in the last 3 boxes I’ve received – last month’s box even included a full size one. I’m not sure if the Glossybox team are worried about our hygiene now it’s getting hotter but really? Overall I was unimpressed, and felt that the 3 items I liked weren’t worth the money. As I’m moving back home now and also need to save up for the future I have cancelled my subscription.

However, if you would like to sign up to Glossybox, you can do so here.
Glossybox has also just hit the States! Sign up here.

After reading some of the comments on the Glossybox Facebook page about the perfume samples (some people were claiming that theirs were only half full) I decided to double check mine. Well mine weren’t half full…they’re only 1/3rd full!! Utterly ridiculous and very annoying. For samples that I could have received free from a perfume counter, I would at least expect them to be full in a box that I am paying good money for.
I want to thank Glossybox for replying to my email about my perfume problem.
They were kind enough to explain the situation to me:
“These are 08.ml samples in a 2.0ml container…these are the full samples we were provided.
It was due to them being that way that we provided two”

I understand Glossybox’s situation here, and I think it’s nice that they included two because they weren’t completely full. However I think the company were bad to send samples that are less full than those that you would receive free from a perfume counter, and I think Glossybox should not have included them – these are not the kind of samples I would expect to receive in a beauty box that includes ‘luxury product miniatures‘.

Glossybox Natural Box April 2012

Glossybox Natural April 2012 Box

This month’s Glossybox was slightly different to previous ones. It came in a brown (they’re usually pink) biodegradable box, filled with ethical products. I was very excited when I opened it up as it looked & felt natural, and you know I love natural beauty products!

I received:
+ Caudalie Vionsource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum
+ Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Eyeliner – Black Caviar
+ Ayuuri Natural Body Wash – Sandalwood
+ Figs & Rouge Lip Balm – Rambling Rose
+ Kai Perfume Oil – Signature scent

If the natural theme wasn’t enough to win me over, Glossybox sent us some amazing items this month. A full sized Ayuuri body wash, Figs & Rouge rose lip balm (always a favourite of mine) and Kai perfume oil!
I plan to sell the Caudalie Vionsource & Inika eyeliner as I already use alternative products, and wouldn’t get any use out of them. So instead of wasting them, I shall be putting them up in the shop (the link is at the top of my blog). Even though I won’t be using a couple of the products, I think it’s safe to say that this month’s box was certainly worth the money!

You can subscribe to Glossybox here.
For those in the States, Glossybox is coming to you soon too – click here.

Review: Glossybox Burberry Lipstick #4 Rosewood

This is the first review I’m doing for a product from Glossybox.
The Burberry Lipstick (lip cover) was one of the most anticipated items in the Harrods Glossybox.
Hopefully I can shed some light on this infamous beauty product.


+ Nice shine.
+ Handbag size.
+ Pigmented Colour.
+ Nice, sweet smell to the lipstick.
+ Didn’t dry out my lips & mildly moisturising.
+ Love the packaging & design on the product!
– Poor choice of colour to represent the product.
– I wish the product had been bigger.
Honestly, I don’t think the lipstick was worth the hype and this is mainly because I don’t feel Glossybox or Harrods did a good enough job in representing Burberry and the product. True, the product does feel ‘luxury’ but to me Burberry are all about classic items for every woman, whilst still remaining fun and on-trend. I don’t think a brown-y red lipstick really promotes that, but maybe I’m wrong. Personally I would have chosen a pink or classic red, as not only is it more appealing but it’s better suited to more skin tones, whilst this colour is not.

That said I do see myself getting good use out of the product.
The colour may not have been my first choice, but it’s highly pigmented and has a nice soft shine.
The product didn’t dry out my lips and whilst I didn’t find it ‘intensely moisturising’ my lips did feel soft.
Would I buy the full size one? 
Not in this colour, and as it’s only slightly cheaper (£23) than a Chanel lipstick I might consider it, 
if I found a more fitting colour.
Purchase it at Harrods, here.

Review; Harrods Glossybox

Glossybox The Harrods Edition

You probably remember my post about the Harrods edition of Glossybox this month.
Well I received my box yesterday, and to be honest I was a little worried as lots of people had been complaining.
Why? Well they felt that they didn’t receive a box worthy enough to be ‘The Harrods Edition’ and in some cases I do understand and sympathise with those people as it did seem like they may have gotten the short end of the straw.
Me?! Well I am actually very happy with my box. I received the 3 items I had really been hoping for!

I received: 
+ Narciso Rodriguez – For Her Eau de Parfum
+ Molton Brown – Heavenly Ginger-Lily Moisture Bath & Shower
+ Yves Saint Laurent – Forever Youth Liberator Serum
+ Burberry Beauty – Miniature Lip Cover #4 Rosewood
+ Clarins – Extra-Firming Body Cream

I had really been hoping for the YSL, Burberry and Clarins items.
I wanted the YSL for my mum actually, as it’s aimed at older women so I don’t need it right now.
I will however be doing reviews of the Burberry lipstick and Clarins cream.
As for the rest, well I already have the exact Molton Brown shower gel at home, but this will be good for travelling and I do adore perfume samples as they get placed in my handbag for when I’m out and about, or travelling.

All in all I think I was very lucky with my box.
Next month will be my first ‘regular’ Glossybox so I’m looking forward to it!
For those in the States, Glossybox is coming to you soon too – click here.