Review: Glossybox 1 Year Anniversary Box

This month saw Glossybox have their 1 year anniversary…birthday? 
I’m not sure which is more fitting, but they celebrated anyway and sent out a ‘special’ box.
I received:
+ Lolita Lempicka – Eau de Parfum & Si Lolita
+ Glossybox Mirror & Balloon
What were my thoughts on the box?
Honestly I was underwhelmed. I’m sorry to say it.
I thought this was supposed to be a celebratory box, but it just seemed like any other.
I suppose the balloon and mirror added a little something extra, but it didn’t win me over.
I just bought myself a new mirror, which wasn’t cheap, so I have no use for this one unfortunately.
I always love perfume samples, so I was happy to receive a couple in this box.
I also liked the addition of the cucumber facial mask and hair treatment oil.
I already have a full bottle of Argan Oil which will easily last me, but it’s difficult to take when I travel. 
So that was very welcome.
As for the eyelashes, they’re not my style, but if they’re yours I’m selling them here.
And finally another shower gel?! There has been a shower gel in the last 3 boxes I’ve received – last month’s box even included a full size one. I’m not sure if the Glossybox team are worried about our hygiene now it’s getting hotter but really? Overall I was unimpressed, and felt that the 3 items I liked weren’t worth the money. As I’m moving back home now and also need to save up for the future I have cancelled my subscription.

However, if you would like to sign up to Glossybox, you can do so here.
Glossybox has also just hit the States! Sign up here.

After reading some of the comments on the Glossybox Facebook page about the perfume samples (some people were claiming that theirs were only half full) I decided to double check mine. Well mine weren’t half full…they’re only 1/3rd full!! Utterly ridiculous and very annoying. For samples that I could have received free from a perfume counter, I would at least expect them to be full in a box that I am paying good money for.
I want to thank Glossybox for replying to my email about my perfume problem.
They were kind enough to explain the situation to me:
“These are samples in a 2.0ml container…these are the full samples we were provided.
It was due to them being that way that we provided two”

I understand Glossybox’s situation here, and I think it’s nice that they included two because they weren’t completely full. However I think the company were bad to send samples that are less full than those that you would receive free from a perfume counter, and I think Glossybox should not have included them – these are not the kind of samples I would expect to receive in a beauty box that includes ‘luxury product miniatures‘.