Introducing: Belif Beauty

A selection of Belif beauty products for face, body and lips*

Recently I was sent some samples by a brand I hadn’t heard of before, named Belif.
I like the look of the packaging, simple yet memorable, and the products sounded good too.
I decided to do a little investigating to find out more about the brand and the products they create.
“The beauty brand belif combines our founder, Duncan Napier’s original skin care expertise and the best of modern natural cosmetic science. Eleven skin formulas – each for a different skin type – using herbs packed full of active ingredients form the base of each product.”

It turns out the brand itself is a branch off of the brand Napiers.
Now I had heard of them before but I wasn’t quite sure in what context.
It started as a natural healthcare and herbal medicine company founded in 1860.
The brand is British and everything is still made in Britain – now that’s quite impressive.
Napiers uses natural products although the ingredients in some of Belif’s products scare me a little.
I only say that because I don’t like seeing tons of abnormally long named ingredients in my beauty products.
Still, the basis of the Belif products are herbs, as you might have seen them mention in the blurb above.
I haven’t yet had the chance to try the products out as life has been quite hectic for the past few months.
The ‘Essence Water’ and ‘Anti-Hangover Mask’ are the most intriguing to me though, I have to admit.
You can visit Napiers Belif to browse the selection of products available.