Haul: Tatty Devine Necklaces & Brooch

As if My Tatty Devine Collection wasn’t big enough already.
I added a few more pieces to it recently because you can never have enough!
I loved the original orange tiger necklace but unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to grab one.
Still, I think this version of the necklace is more me and is definitely just as gorgeous, right? Right!
As for the Sky Lab Bear Brooch, well that is the one piece of the AW13 Collection that I wanted straightaway.
I always take so long to justify purchases, especially when it’s jewellery, so that’s a big deal for me.
The name necklace was something I’d been thinking about for a while – personalising one isn’t easy.
I wanted something other than my name on it, as I already have one, and it had to be personal to me.
‘Bonjour’ made a lot of sense as I’m a big ol’ Francophile and everyone knows French is a classy language.
I’d also been lusting after the tortoiseshell and gold colourway after getting one done for a friend.
They’re the perfect additions to my Autumn wardrobe, I think.