A few weeks ago I was sent a small package from STEAMCREAM*.
They wanted to set a few bloggers a fun little challenge using their product.
The aim was to use the STEAMCREAM in several ways, as part of your daily routine.
It was to show the versatility of the product and to prove that it isn’t just another old moisturiser.
When my pack arrived, honestly, I was a little dubious as I stared at my ‘ingredients’.
I love natural ingredients being used in beauty products but I wasn’t entirely sure I could do it myself.
Well thankfully I proved myself wrong because I managed to create 3 separate products with my STEAMCREAM.
Oat exfoliating mask, bb cream, and sugar body scrub
All 3 of these only involved mixing a product (foundation etc) with the STEAMCREAM.
It was so simple that it didn’t take up much time at all, which was great as I’m always in a rush.
My two favourites though had to be the exfoliating oat face mask & the invigorating sugar body scrub.
My skin felt super smooth, moisturised and calm (some products can upset my sensitive skin) afterwards.
The BB cream didn’t work out that well for me, but I never have been a big fan of tinted moisturisers etc.
Still, I would say that this challenge was a success, even though I had my suspicions to start off with.
When I first discovered STEAMCREAM I thought it was just another moisturiser.
Well luckily for me, I was wrong. It’s a whole lot more than that!
Visit STEAMCREAM to purchase a tin, and have a go at your own challenge.
Alternatively, you can buy it in Selfridges, John Lewis and from ASOS.