Challenge: 7 Days 7 Outfits Results

The results of my 7 Days 7 Outfits challenge

Remember how I challenged myself to wear 7 different outfits in 7 consecutive days? No? Well then head over to this post and check it out so you know what’s going on.
I have to say this challenge wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I did almost wear the same thing twice, but purely by accident, not on purpose. However I did remember when this happened and managed to correct my mistake. It really was fun re-discovering items of clothing that I had neglected, or forgotten about. The weather changed a lot last week too (during the challenge) so I had to mix up my styles. Have I gone back to wearing the same pieces of clothing again? Not yet, and I’m really hoping I can continue with this.
It’s been fun and I’d love to see more people taking part, if it suits them. Please feel free to leave a link to your blog/instagram if you do. I will be updating the list below as you send them in.
People who have taken part:
Don’t forget to use/follow the hashtag #7days7ootd