Emoda x Miranda Kerr Collaboration

Shots from Emoda’s AW2012 collaboration with Miranda Kerr
Even though I don’t have regular access to Japanese brands anymore, I’m still a fan.
In particular I love MuruaEmoda, both ‘Mode‘ brands are very reminiscent of Western brands.
Even though this may be the case I still find that they offer items in a style that you just can’t find in the UK.
Recently Emoda became the first Japanese brand to sign Miranda Kerr to their label.
Emoda felt that she embodied the ideology of the brand – ‘high sense, yet real clothes’.
I was really interested to see a Western model I like, working with a Japanese brand that I love.
I personally think she is the perfect fit for the brand and I love what they’ve done with their AW concept.
It’s a pretty big deal for her to work with Emoda and they’re delighted to have her as their A/W2012 visual model.
I am hoping that this will help shed more light on the brand, in countries outside of Japan.
Do I like the collection? – of course I do, I wouldn’t be blogging about it if I didn’t!
I love the items and the styling, not to mention the gorgeous new accessories in the AW2012 collection.
The pricing of Emoda’s items may seem high but this reflects the quality of the product you receive.
I have a few items from the brand and I am impressed. Emoda knows how to bring out items to compliment.
I couldn’t feature everything I loved but I hope I’ve given you enough info to tempt you.
Does any of the Emoda x Miranda Kerr AW2012 collection take your fancy?
For those who aren’t in Japan, you can purchase items from the A/W2012 collection on their Global store, here.
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