Review: Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

Remember when I visited France this Summer and picked up some facial sprays?
Well here is my first review of the bunch – Evian’s Brumisateur Facial Spray.
What is it?
A moisturising and toning facial spray to be used throughtout the day, or in your daily skincare routine.
You can spray it throughout the day if you feel your skin needs a pick-up, or if you need to cool down.
What can it do?
Evian claims that their facial spray will hydrate, moisturise, refresh and even tone your skin.
It also claims that it will help hold your make-up – just spray your face gently with the product after application.
Does it work?
I think that a lot of people just see this as water in a can.
Well I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but after using it I don’t think it is that simple.
I can be quite lazy in my skincare routine, so I will grab any cheat I can get. So naturally the idea of a spray that does the work of a toner and moisturiser, as well as holds my make-up appealed to me. Was I let down by the product? Not at all! Sometimes my skin can feel a bit raw or dry (not in a scary way) after I’ve washed/exfoliated, and a quick spray of this automatically helps ease my skin so that it feels normal again. I also agree that it can help hold your make-up although you need to be careful not to spray until after everything has dried (mascara, eyeliner etc.), or you might end up with a smudgy face. It works great as a toner, and it certainly helps moisturise. It’s also very gentle on the skin, so no chance of breakouts or dry patches.
The Evian facial spray is perfect to carry in your handbag, use as part of your routine, or just to take on holiday.
You can buy it in selected branches of Waitrose or online here.