5 Japanese Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

You may remember my ‘5 Japanese Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following‘ post from 2013. Well it just so happens to be my number one post on the blog, so I thought it was about time to do a new updated version. Here I have picked out 5 new Japanese fashion Instagram accounts, each of which I personally follow and take inspiration from.

japanese fashion instagram

Who? @wakatsukichinatsu (Designer)
Why? I had to start this post with a legend. Chinatsu Wakatsuki is a former gravure idol, who went on to produce the popular brand WC, and become a gyaru icon. After leaving the brand (and some annoying legal troubles), she brought back WC’s lovable oddball Kumatan. She continues to post updates on the brand and her life, alongside personal style photos.

japanese fashion instagram

Who? @_mitake_ (Model)
Why? Mitake’s photos are colourful, eccentric and sometimes risqué (i.e NSFW). This may not be surprising to some, as Mitake is actually a former AV (adult video) actress. It would seem that she is now pursuing a career in modelling, but she certainly hasn’t lost her cheeky side. If you’re after a slightly alternative view of Tokyo, Mitake is your woman.

japanese fashion instagram

Who? @izu_stagram (Model)
Why? I first started following Izu (aka Izuoka Misaki) when she won Popteen’s (a sweet gyaru magazine) model grand prix. I loved her youthfulness. She later went on to model for JELLY magazine and released several pop singles. Her personal style has funnily enough evolved with my own tastes, and she now has a more minimal approach to fashion. I love her chic, clean photos, which offer an insight into her career as a model.

japanese fashion instagram

Who? @rina__sakurai (Model)
Why? I remember avidly reading Rina Sakurai’s – better known as Sakurina – blogs around 5 years ago, and it’s safe to say that she hasn’t changed one bit. She still models for Ageha (which is now back after a short hiatus), which she often refers to in her photos. Her Instagram is an explosion of pink, diamonds and everything agejo.

japanese fashion instagram

Who? @seee_official (Editor/Model)
Why? Former Seventeen model Emi Suzuki is surely known by all fans of Japanese fashion. She has since gone on to become Editor in Chief of S’eee magazine, as well as a devoted mother. Her daughter often features on her Instagram, alongside minimalist prints and outfit posts.

Do you have some favourite Instagram users?
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Source: Please see the individual Instagram accounts listed above.

5 Japanese Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

You may remember my previous ‘5 Fashion/Beauty Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following‘ post. Well I wanted to expand on that series and go back to the roots of this blog, and that means Japanese fashion. I’ve picked out 5 of my favourite Japanese fashion Instagram accounts where you can find amazing style inspiration.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @akimoto_kozue Model
Why? Akimoto’s Instagram is a small look into the life of one of Japan’s current ‘it’ models.

She takes you around Japan (and the world; she recently walked the runway at Paris & London’s fashion weeks) with her as she documents her busy schedule through photos. That doesn’t mean it’s all dull and boring though. She posts fun, silly photos, and often takes photos with her close friends, some of whom are other models and designers, such as Kiko Mizuhara & Jeremy Scott. She’s a gorgeous gal with a taste for life!


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @gold_erika Model/Fashionista
Why? If you love fashion and sexy selfies, Erika is your lady.

Her Instagram is full of selfies, outfit posts, parties and behind-the-scenes looks at any of the current photo shoots she is taking part in. She’s quite the socialite. Erika has a very subtle sexy look, which is something I quite envy. Her make-up and fashion is always on point…and I can’t get enough of that short sharp bob.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @mogatanpe Idol
Why? Purple is one of my favourite colours and it just so happens to be Mogami’s assigned colour.

That might seem a bit weird, but it’s actually because she is a part of the idol group dempagumi.inc – a pop group with 6 members (each assigned a colour) whose popularity has been rising as of late. Her Instagram is an insight into the life of a young, fun, fashionable woman. She isn’t like your usual Japanese idols, especially in her fashion sense. Her personal style is very cool and I love seeing her outfits.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @natsuumikunsan Model
Why? Natsumi is a real cutie, that much is obvious.

Her Instagram features pastel hair, silly outfit shots and photo shoot snaps where she looks like she may actually be part angel. Heavily photoshopped images aside, Natsumi is a popular model in the gyaru industry and is often taking part in shoots and shows, which she always shares on her Instagram. I live out my hair and nail dreams through her photos.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @si_oux DJ/Model/Photographer/Designer
Why? Yep, si oux has and does it all.

She’s the designer behind the well-known tights and leggings brand Vive Vagina, and she also just so happens to be a dj, model and photographer in her spare time. Her daily unconventional outfit photo shoots in the corner of her roof terrace are a staple on her Instagram. I have to say she is a lady after my own heart – look at that red hair! It’s what drew me in to begin with and it features a lot in her photos, whether it’s at her current DJ set or a promo image for a brand. Definitely one for fans of alternative fashion.

Do you have some favourite Instagram users?
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Source: Please see the individual Instagram accounts listed above.

Review: OCC Lip Tar Harlot & Super NSFW

OCC Lip Tar samples in Harlot & Super NSFW

I think it’s common knowledge by now that I’m a red lipstick addict.
So it seemed that it was time to finally try one of the most hyped lip products out there.
OCC (short for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) are highly renowned for their pigmented lip tars.
I had heard great things myself so I decided to try them out and finally see what all the fuss is really about.
I always like to test a lip product before buying, but as far as I know OCC is only sold in Selfridges in the UK.
This obviously left me with a dilemma, that is until I found Retro Wombat’s Beauty Store.
She sells sample pots of various OCC Lip Tars, so I grabbed a couple.

OCC are a wonderful brand that are vegan friendly and don’t test on animals.
Their Lip Tars are a liquid matte formula which are ridiculously well pigmented.
They are known for their colour and long-lasting wear.

Swatch: Harlot on the left, Super NSFW on right

+ Long lasting
+ Applies well
+ Highly pigmented

– Stains slightly
– Kept coming off onto my teeth (ahhh!)
– Lips need to be moisturised and primed

I loved that a small OCC brush was included with this as I wasn’t expecting it.
You definitely need a brush to apply these, which is very useful as you don’t need to use much at all.
The claims are true, these lip tars are amazingly pigmented, the coverage is great and a little goes a very long way. These sample sizes were perfect for me to tell whether I would want to buy a full size version – I like to road test products before I buy a full size version, if I have the chance. I found that the Lip Tars were very long lasting, and some was even left on my lips afterwards. This is great as I like to drink plenty throughout the day, and it can be annoying having to re-apply a lipstick. There were a few downsides though; your lips do need to be moisturised (or these will dry them out) and primed (for better coverage) beforehand. I didn’t find that I necessarily needed primer although it was helpful, but my lips did dry out without moisturising them. I also kept finding some of the product on my teeth and it even got onto my tongue once (eurgh), even after doing a tissue press on my lips. I don’t know if this is because I failed at applying them properly, but it doesn’t happen with my other lipsticks. These do stain your skin if you happen to get it on you, but if you use the brush and have a steady hand you should be ok. I really liked these but the bleeding put me off slightly, although I will continue to try the samples in the hopes that I have better luck next time.

You can buy OCC Lip Tars in Selfridges or grab a sample from Retro Wombat’s Beauty Store.

Guest Post: When Fashion & Culture Clash!

It’s been a while since I featured a guest post and I think this is a great one to come back with!
The lovely Alina is from Germany and blogs at ‘A Panda in Wonderland‘. She is passionate about fashion and travelling, amongst other things. Psst, she’s also currently running a giveaway!

Today she will be sharing with you how she doesn’t give up on her personal style, even when it means loving the fashion of one culture (Japan) that conflicts with her own (Germany).


When the doors of the arrival gate opens it is not only the cold, rainy weather that welcomes me back to Germany but also the judging gazes that lie upon me.
I’ve been traveling back and forth to Japan since 2008 and the problem of wearing my japanese outfits back home has not gotten any better. In my opinion some countries are either too conservative or too boring to accept something ‘different’ from what they see everyday. Seriously, doesn’t wearing jeans and T-shirts all the time get boring?

The usual comments I receive (most people don’t even have the courage to say it to my face) are: ‘Isn’t that too short?’ , ‘What’s with the dolly look, she must be one of those anime freaks!’ or ‘How old is she to think that she can wear such pattern?!’ Most of them giggle or point fingers on top of that. Honestly speaking, I don’t really give a damn anymore what they think since I rather wear my unique outfits than drown in the boring crowd of Jeans.
I’m facing the same problems with hair accessories like bows or hairbands. In Japan you are constantly being complimented on them while back home everyone is rolling their eyes. It is scary how some people just can’t tolerate what they aren’t used to.

If you have ever been to Tokyo, you are probably aware of the fact that almost no one looks the same, outfit wise. They all have their own style, a different hairdo and fashion taste, yet it seems to be tolerated by everyone around them. If you have time, sit down in a nice câfe and watch the people who pass by, it always inspires me fashion wise.
Colorful or patterned tights are also a little bit risky over here. You immediately end up in the cheap woman section even though you are just trying to pimp your simple H&M dress. Ridiculous in my opinion. Clubbing in my ‘night out’ outfits from Japan is a unbelievable pain in the ass because everything that Japanese consider stylish (Oshare) is judged as slutty over here.
So no matter what you do, you either end up in the ‘slutty’ or the ‘anime freak with no taste’ section. Even though you are just chosing another fashion style than the majority is.

Nevertheless, I’ll continue with my personal style and would like to encourage everybody else who is facing the same problem to do the same.
After all it’s me (you) who have to feel comfortable in what you wear not everybody else 😉

Escentual Micellar Water Trial

The Escentual Micellar Water Trial*

On Saturday I found out that I had been lucky enough to be chosen for the Escentual Micellar Water Trial.
I was chosen amongst 99 other beauty addicts (i.e. bloggers, vloggers etc.) to try out 7 secret samples. These 7 samples, labelled A-G are all well-known/high-end brand Micellar Water’s, but whilst we know which brands will be taking part, we don’t know which sample belongs to which brand. It’s a beauty addict’s dream come true.

The waters on trial are:
I’m a Micellar Water convert and have been using it as a part of my daily skincare routine for over a year now.
I stick to Avène’s Cleanser & Make-up Remover, which is actually one of the samples on trial. However, even though I have stock of it, I’ve been curious about other brands, so I’m excited to give all of these a try and give my opinion on each. We have only 14 days to trial all 7 samples, which logically allocates 2 days per sample. I will be keeping track of each sample and writing up a review for the blog in 2 weeks time, when the trial has ended. I may even have a guess at which sample belongs to which brand – although I’ll probably fail miserably, but it will be fun to see if I can get any right.

Style Inspiration: Kiko Mizuhara

American-Korean Model Kiko Mizuhara

My current style inspiration comes from the gorgeous Kiko Mizuhara.
I adore her playful, fun take on fashion and how she works that into her own personal style.
Her mix of edgy, masculine and feminine into her looks really calls out to me and my own style.
She works primarily in Japan, therefore her style is influenced by the culture.
However she also wears and works with European brands.
It’s this mixture that I can relate to.
Not only is my style influenced by Kiko though – I also love the simplicity of her day-to-day make-up looks.
She’s a beautiful woman and doesn’t need make-up but when she does wear it, it’s complimentary to her style.
I should also add that my recent change in hairstyle may have ever so slightly been influenced by Kiko.
These photos were taken from Kiko’s Instagram.

Oasap Haul

My most recent Oasap order arrived this weekend.
I went on a bit of a mini accessories binge when I saw their new items.
I’d also had their baggy cat face sweater on my wishlist for a while so I popped that on my order too.
I was pretty excited to receive this order, and luckily I only had to wait just over a week.
The shipping from Oasap is usually pretty good and my orders tend to arrive in about 10 days.
Apparently this is also the exact amount of time it takes for me to forget what I ordered…everytime. At this point I’d like to give a shout-out to Sami who inspired me to order the watch, as she has a similar one that I fell in love with recently!
I haven’t had the chance to wear the sweater yet, but I did try on the jewellery and watch.
Unfortunately the watch and bracelet are slightly too big for me, a common problem I have.
I could get some of the links removed in the watch, but the bracelet is a hard bangle so I can’t do much to it.
Online shopping is always a gamble anyway, so I wasn’t upset – plus the necklace looks amazing on!
You win some, you lose some, I guess.
Don’t forget to visit Oasap and use discount code: ‘bloomzy’ for 35% off!