[Nail Week] Review: Dear Lee Gold Multicoloured Glitter Nail Polish

Those who follow me on Twitter will know that I have dubbed this week on the blog; ‘Nail Week’.
Why? Well this week’s beauty posts will all be related to nails – polishes, art etc.
So here is the first post for ‘Nail Week’, a review of my new favourite Glitter polish, from Dear Lee.
Dear Lee isn’t a well-known nail polish brand, but they’re one of my favourites.
Their polishes have a great consistency, apply well, are long lasting and have great cover.
This polish is no different, and for fans of glitter polishes (like myself), you won’t be disappointed.
+ Thick consistency for a glitter polish
+ Good application
+ Glitter showed up well
+ Loved the rainbow sequins used
+ Works well with various base colours
+ Removed easily with nail polish remover

– Gold could have been more prominent
– Doesn’t look great with a white base coat

If American Apparel’s Galaxy Glitter & Models Own’s Gold Finger had a baby, this would be it.
This is the glitter polish I have been waiting for. I haven’t been able to find a rainbow glitter with a gold glitter base anywhere. I’m sure I’ve seen plenty but not at a price I can justify for a nail polish. The price for this? Around £2.70 ($4.22)! That is a ridiculously good price, especially when shipping is free. As you can see from the photos above, I tried it out with a dark base, a white base and on plain nails. I’m not a massive fan of how it looks on a white base coat but I am in love with it paired with the other two. I can tell that this will be worn A LOT.
You can buy Dear Lee’s Gold Multicoloured Glitter Polish here.
Or browse BornPrettyStore for other colours in the range.
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