Mini Topshop Haul

The Topshop here has actually been getting in some decent items recently.
I say that because my university town is only small, and even when the Topshop here expanded it wasn’t much bigger than before. I miss the Norwich Topshop, it’s massive – it was built inside an old cinema building. There’s a small fact for you!
Anyway I grabbed some accessories in the sale, and some socks (here) that weren’t.
Aren’t they adorable? I want these, these and these too! The 3 pairs for £8 offer isn’t helping. 
I’ve got a real thing about frilly, girly ankle socks at the moment. I should have hung onto my old school socks!
They’d probably still fit me as well, what with my wimpy ankles and size 3 feet…I have the feet of a child!
I also ended up finding some high waisted shorts, after months of deliberation. I had tried some on previously in Topshop and disliked them, but these ones were perfect. They’re a blue-y/lilac colour. They’re also really comfy and fit perfectly.
Here is a picture from my instagram, to help demonstrate:
You can find them here.
I didn’t buy the crop top, which I kinda regret.
I wasn’t sure if it suited my figure, as I’m a shorty. What do you guys think?