Review: MUA Lip Boom ‘Bring It’ & ‘Vibe’

As soon as I heard about the MUA Lip Booms I was excited!
Combining lipstick and gloss is one of my favourite looks, so when they were released I grabbed a couple.
I wasn’t sure how the shades would look on my skin tone, and as light pinks don’t usually show up on my lips I decided to play it safe and went for looks I loved already. So I chose ‘Bring It’ and ‘Vibe’ – a dark red, and a coral-y nude.
The big selling point of these combos is that they offer ‘4 in 1’ looks.
1. Lipstick alone for a matte look
2. Lipstick with the highlighting gloss applied in the centre, to create fuller lips.
3. Lipstick with highlighter all over, for glossy lips.
4. Highlighter alone for a sheer pearl finish.
Swatches & worn with lipstick & gloss all over

+ ONLY £3!!
+ Non-sticky, and long-lasting.
+ The glosses are absolutely gorgeous.
+ ‘Bring It’ (red) was highly pigemented.
+ Amazing ‘vanilla fudge’ scent to the glosses.
– ‘Vibe’ (nude) shade was a little too light for me.
– If you accidentally rub them (like I did with a napkin) they can become flakey, so you will need to re-apply.
MUA have outdone themselves again!
I liked the packaging, simple but effective – Alexandra looks gorgeous, as usual.
These combos are wonderful. The glosses are lovely, and they really glimmer when they’re on your lips.
The ‘4 in 1’ selling point isn’t a bad idea either, especially for those trying out lipstick + gloss for the first time.
I have to say that ‘Bring It’ is one of my favourite lip combos to wear right now, and even though ‘Vibe’ was a little too light for me, I don’t think it’s anything that can’t be solved by several applications of the lipstick.
I definitely need to pick up ‘OMG’ (even though I despise the name) and ‘Doin Good’ next!
They are available online now but not released in-store until 9th May.
You can buy MUA’s Lip Booms here.
See swatches of all the combos on the MUA blog, here.
International readers don’t fret, they ship worldwide!