OOTD: 90s Throwback

Crop Jumper: Off-brand from Tokyo | Velvet Dress: Topshop | Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Everything about this outfit screams 90’s throwback to me. Maybe it’s because at the time I was growing up in velvet dresses and skirts and my fascination with Ancient Egypt (that’s an Ankh on the necklace) was at its height. That aside, the red lipstick and cropped jumper also feel kinda 1990ish to me. Even though I grew up as a 90s kid I don’t often feel much of an affinity with the era, but wearing this did make me slightly nostalgic.

Making good use of the Macbook Pro and crazy positions – anything to get a photo of my outfit when no one is around to help. Please excuse my messy room.