What’s in my make-up bag?

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Well that’s my make-up bag – It’s from the Japanese brand ‘Swimmer‘, and was a present from my boyfriend who knows I love their items. They’re not a Gal brand but they stock plenty of cute things that appeal to a lot of Japanese girls, regardless of their fashion choices. 
So what’s inside??

  1. Natural Collection face powder (need more!)
  2. Collection 2000 Concealer
  1. Carmex
  2. Happy Bath Day lipgloss
  3. MAC ‘Quite Cute’ lip pencil
  4. MAC ‘Lady Gaga’ nude lipstick
  5. Anna Sui ‘Dolly Girl’ lipstick
  6. Jill Stuart lipstick
  7. Chanel lipstick
  8. Chanel lipcare stick
  9. Maxfactor ‘vibrant curve effect’ lipgloss
  1. Barry M bronze ‘dazzle dust’
  2. CANMAKE eyeshadow base
  3. Chanel eyeshadow palette
  4. CANMAKE ‘Gradation Wink’ eyeshadow
  5. Dolly Wink grey & pink eyeshadow palette
  6. Dolly Wink eyelash case
  7. Maxfactor gold & silver eyeliner
  8. Benefit highlighter pencil
  9. Maxfactor kohl pencil
  10. Maxfactor ‘xperience volumising’ mascara
  11. KATE liquid liner pencil
  12. Dolly Wink pencil & liquid liner
  1. CANMAKE cream cheek
  2. CANMAKE powder cheek

For those of you who remember my original post, you’ll notice that my ‘everyday’ collection (I alternate items, I don’t wear them all at once haha) has expanded.
I have more palettes, lipsticks/glosses etc. that I keep in another case (& my handbag) but these are my usual go-to items!!
I still don’t use foundation because I want to take care of my skin, but lately I have been thinking of going back to it (after 3 years – shock, horror!).

You’ll also notice that I was such a big fan of some of the items that I have continued to buy and use them. That means I really do love them, as I am constantly buying new products and chucking out old ones!