Get the ‘Retro’ look!!

Everyone knows ‘Retro Girly’ is one of the biggest trends in Gal this Spring/Summer…

So how do you get the look? For those who don’t have access to gal brands or are thinking of trying out this kind of style for the first time (it’s not just for girly-girls or people in their teens!), it might seem difficult. Therefore I thought I would compile a list of the key items for this trend [image heavy]

  • Blouses – Airy, lace, chiffon, frills and pale colours.
Dazzlin’ & Rojita
  • High Waist Bottomstuck in tops/blouses
Ank Rouge

  • Small Polka Dots
Min Plume & Titty&Co
  • Apron & Denim Onepieces
Rojita & Dazzlin’
  • Collared Topsonepieces & tops (cardigans too), plain and lace, with ribbons and accents

Miel Crishunant & Pinky Girls
  • Red Gingham Check think pin-up girl style
Ank Rouge & BACKS

  • Flower Print – bright florals, great for an ‘otona’ retro look
Spiral Girl & Cecil McBee
  • Scarvesneck, head or on bags
Rose Fan Fan & Duras
  • Ribbon/thin beltsred being very popular
  • Small Socksthink; lace, frills, floral and ribbons, wear with pumps or boots

Pinky Girls & tutuanna
  • ‘Vintage’ style accessories & shoes – vintage-looking, brown & camel (colours) are big
MILSQUR, Liz Lisa & R&E

  • Marine styles can also be worked in, but be careful not to go ott.
  • Bell bottom jeans are also great for the ‘retro’ trend, although they tend to suit a more ‘adult’ style – but they can still work!
  • The Gal brands really representing ‘retro girly’ right now?! Liz Lisa, Rojita, Dazzlin’, Ank Rouge, Minir Dees, Titty & Co and Pinky Girls.

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