What were they thinking?

It gives me hope that it has been a while since the last ‘What were they thinking?‘ and this time round the culprits aren’t as bad as past instalments.
I was recently walking past the Shinjuku MA*RS store when I noticed something in the window that didn’t really appeal to me.
The cute bear mascot of MA*RS (Miratan) may seem familiar to you as they’ve used it before, but I’ve never been a real fan of it. The reason I choose to place this purse and pass case here is because it just looks so cheap and child-like. Maybe with the current popularity of W♥C’s playful Kumatan they’re hoping Miratan will also catch on?!
It just doesn’t look like something that really suits the sexy, mature style of MA*RS.

However maybe with the right outfit or personal style someone could work it?
What do you think?

Next up is another item from the new MA*RS collection. This time I spotted it online, whilst looking for images of the ‘Miratan pass case‘.
They have gone for the high waist and flared bottom that has been gaining popularity this season but this is a room wear item, so it’s obviously not meant to be worn outside. It does look kinda comfy, but sexy? No, sorry. I think it’s a mixture of the short flared bottoms and the idea that anyone with the tiniest of behinds is going to look rather big. In fact from the other pictures on the site it just looks unflattering –see the back.
I don’t know though, maybe I’m taking room wear too seriously?
Are you a fan of it? If so/not, why?

Please remember that these are just the ramblings of one bored girl and I’m sorry if anyone likes either of the items mentioned. Someone must, otherwise they wouldn’t create it, right?

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