EMODA meets Lindsay Lohan

After posting about the new EMODA collection only a few days ago, a new spread has popped up in JJ magazine featuring the brand. So why am I blogging about a photoshoot in a magazine?

Well that’s because it is a special feature on Ena Matsumoto and…Lindsay Lohan o.O

It’s nothing new for Japanese magazines to do collaboration pieces with Hollywood stars, although this one interested me mainly for the subject of a Gal brand doing a piece with someone as infamous as Lindsay. I think it’s always interesting and holds a slight fascination for us Western fans of Gyaru when something like this pops up. It kind of reminds me of that terrible song Koda Kumi collaborated with Fergie on.

Even though Lindsay isn’t Gal and EMODA is prominently a ‘Gal Brand’ I think they matched her style well for the shoot. I could actually see Lindsay wearing these pieces…which probably rings bells for some of you who commented in the last post about EMODA being a duplicate of Western fashion, right now.

I think it also backs up the idea that just wearing Gal brands doesn’t make someone Gal…but that’s another long and complicated story for another time.

So what do you think of the spread?
Do you like the idea? Is Lindsay working the clothes or falling flat?