EMODA 1st Anniversary items

EMODA are celebrating their 1st anniversary this year, so they are bringing out some special items to say thank you to all their loyal customers.
I picked up a copy of their new catalogue that features all of these items. The special items/offers have been placed into 3 categories; Sets, Limited Edition and Novelty.

So what are these special items all about?
The catalogue mentions 2 types of style;

Emoda is high sense and real clothing bland (oh Engrish) which comply with women who want to have a fun with fashion.

Who wear classical and loose clothing like an actress. They like to spend high class hotel in NY City during their holiday.

Make of those what you will, at least the English is better than some other attempts I have seen. Even so it looks like EMODA are still going strong with their signature Mode look, but also working in the popular Celeb (‘Rich Woman’) style into the new collection.


Sukashi border maxi knit onepiece 
Bare onepiece
(on sale from 4th March)
All lace short long t-shirt
Gather bare onepiece
(on sale from 25th March)

Even though it says that the lace t-shirt set will go on sale in March I actually saw it in-store last week for the price quoted in the catalogue.

Maxi knit cardigan
Gather tank top onpiece
(on sale from 11th March)
All lace high waist skirt
Chiffon furil tops
(on sale from 18th March)


Chiffon Dolman Combi Shirt & Wedge Pumps
3,900yen each
(on sale from 25th February)
Indigo & Light blue Paggings
3,900yen each
(on sale from 25th February) 


Editors Tassel Bag
Free gift when you spend over 20,000yen
(starts on 11th March)
Quilting Tassel Bag
Free gift when you spend over 15,000yen
(starts on 4th March)

Chain Tassel Bag
Free gift when you spend over 15,000yen
(starts on 18th March)
Carry Case
Free gift when you spend over 30,000yen
(starts on 25th March)

I loved all of the items featured in the catalogue (minus the maxi knits) and I think they’re such great deals. The limited edition items and the sets are totally affordable for EMODA and a great addition to any Mode lovers wardrobe, or a lovely start for anyone who feels like transitioning to the style. The Novelties are particularly tempting, especially that ‘Editors Bag’ and the ‘Carry Case’.

Check out the EMODA webstore – here.

Did anything catch your eye?
Will you be celebrating EMODA’s anniversary by treating yourself to something?