Model update; Mori Maya pregnant & married…

I haven’t done a model update for a while, but as this concerns one of my favourites I’ll let it slide ;D
Yesterday I was looking at the latest magazines in my local bookstore when the new issue of JELLY caught my eye. Not only because it is much bigger than usual, but because of the cover. Mori Maya & Yamamoto Yuuki (who recently blogged about her pregnancy and up-coming marriage) grace the cover, which made me a little nervous as it had a ‘wedding-y’ vibe to it…that and the fact that is says ‘We will get married’ on the cover haha XD
So I leafed through and it turns out that Mori Maya got married recently…and is pregnant!! She is marrying a non-celebrity – I always find it funny that they mention this – and looks very happy. In case you didn’t know Yuuki is marrying actor Miura Riki
Maya & Yuuki at a recent runway show.
Maya is my favourite JELLY model and has been for a while. I always enjoy seeing her coords on her blog, and her advertisements in stores etc.
I’m very happy for her, I’m just a little sad as this means she will probably disappear for a while – and very soon at that, she is due in December – and who’s to say whether she’ll come back or not. She doesn’t exactly have the same following as Tsubasa did when she fell pregnant and left Popteen, so a big comeback like Tsu-chans seems unlikely.
But Maya is arguably of marrying age (in Japanese terms) and I wish her, her husband and her little baby the best and I hope to see her gracing covers/products soon.
Maya showing off her baby bump.
The latest issue of JELLY features photos from the ceremony and talks about her dresses (some of which I think she designed herself) and what the other JELLY girls were wearing.
Next months issue will feature Yuuki’s ceremony.
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