What were they thinking?

「What were they thinking?」

I don’t like to hate, but sometimes something in Gal comes along and makes me wonder – WHY?! Of course this happens in every fashion circle, but this blog is dedicated to Gal…so we’ll just stick with that for now ;D

This time round the culprit is ‘MITSUMARU’S HEAVEN and EARTH’, which can be found on 109’s 1st floor. A mixture of sexy and feminine, it boasts top sales. So why then did I find this on EGG’s outlet store:

Yes, that is an upside down skirt. Ok, so it isn’t particularly hideous but really…is that the best they could come up with? It’s no wonder I found it on an outlet store – which can have some great items, but also the kind of stock that makes you think it’s only there because it won’t sell instore or on the official site.

Luckily I haven’t seen this anywhere else, so it’s unlikely it’s a new trend. Here’s hoping it’s just last season’s remnants.

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  • oh lawd

    And Heaven and Earth is the better of the Mitsumaru stores, the rest just use the optimum positioning on b1 right near the down escalator and 1st floor to bring in sales.

    Let's hope backward pants don't catch on, too. Gyaru wanna be a gangstaaaaaa~ LOL

  • Seriously, that is awful XD
    I'm with Mitsu~ really hope this doesn't catch on!

  • Well i have a skirt similar to that which can be worn up right or upside down. Maybe they were trying to portray that the skirt can be worn both ways?

  • Haahaa, oh no's~~!! 😛 Well at least it's 50% off!!

    This sorta reminds me of an episode of Project Runway where jean pant legs were made from a jean jacket's sleeves~

  • Quickly let's all buy them!

  • @mikiyj: I don't mean to offend anyone, so sorry if I did. I just think that they should be coming up with some better ideas to keep up with all the other brands.

  • No No I'm not offended. Sorry if it came out as that way. I was just suggesting that maybe that was a styling case. lol. Dw, abt me haha I rarely get offended with anything.